Big Changes at GameJobHunter

Photo Credit - Ross Findon

A New GameJobHunter

If you’ve ever been to the site before, you’ll notice that things look….a bit different today. We’ve begun doing a fairly extensive overhaul of the site which should improve just about every part of the experience. Most parts of the site were looking pretty stale, so we’re excited to be rolling out these changes. Consider this update stage 1 – we’ll be continuing to push out new features and functionality over the coming days and weeks. Let me take you through some of the things that have been updated….

New Logo

This was hopefully an easy one to spot! We asked for an evolved take on our controller-headed mascot, and we got something that we felt like was much cleaner and suitable for modern screens and browsers.

Focus on City Pages

You’ll probably notice that our homepage is no longer the jobs board. When we started GameJobHunter, the entirety of the site was the job board. As we introduced the city pages on the blog over the years, we noticed that those were increasingly what people were visiting. We wanted the site experience to reflect that, so finding studios by city is now the primary focus on the site. With those pages now the focus, we’ll be looking at adding in additional cities soon. We’ve been focused on just the major cities in the US and Canada since we’ve been doing these, but expect that to change in the coming months.

Job Board

We’ve got a completely updated job board that should be much easier for employers to use, which should result in even more jobs being shared. We will still allow employers to post basic ads for free, but we’ll also make it easier for studios to highlight their openings more if they’re looking for premium options.

More to Come

Stay tuned for more updates! We’ve got additional ideas about how ways we can make your job hunt process easier – can’t wait to share more when those are ready. If you happen to notice any weirdness on any pages or with old links, bear with us. Or better yet, let us know in the comments!