Zynga Opening Orlando Studio

Zynga Orlando is now officially a thing. Ian Cummings is Director of Design at the new location, and has confirmed that the studio is open and hiring. No word yet on what titles they’ll be working on, but they do already have a few open positions listed on the Zynga site:

This is potentially a very interesting development for Orlando. For years, game development in Orlando has primarily meant EA Tiburon (and n-Space, to a lesser extent), but the pieces are in place for a very health scene to flourish. FIEA and Full Sail are both in the area, and several local indie publishers have been springing up over the last few years. Adding another major player like Zynga could push Orlando closer to becoming a major hub for game development.

Zynga Orlando is currently under 10 employees, but we’ll keep an eye on their growth in the coming months. For now, they’ve been added to the Orlando studio list in the 1-10 category. Congrats to Ian and the rest of the new Zynga Orlando crew!

Photo credit:  Lake Eola – Orlando by hao$ on Flickr