City Page Updates

We recently received several tips about changes to some of the game studios on our Video Game City pages.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment with an update!  We also want to thank Jeremy Strauser and Tom Carbone for their help on the Austin and Orlando lists, respectively.  Keep those tips coming – it’s a challenge to keep these lists current, and getting info directly from people in each city is a HUGE help.  Here are the cities that were affected:

  • Austin – added Bee Cave Games
  • Boston – removed Quick Hit
  • Los Angeles – removed THQ
  • Orlando – removed Dot Matrix Interactive, added Iron Galaxy Studios and Phyken Media
  • Toronto – removed Tecmo Koei Canada

Both the City Rankings and Power Rankings pages were updated.  The loss of Quick Hit broke a tie on the City Rankings page, and Vancouver moved ahead of Boston for sole possession of the #6 spot.