Gift Card Giveaway

The last several months have been busy for us. Traffic has been at an all-time high, and we’ve had a steady stream of new jobs and submitted applications. But, we want this to get even bigger. We want more studios to publish their jobs, which we hope will make finding a new job easier for those on the hunt. In order to encourage new studios to publish, we need help from those of you working in the industry. Of course, if you help us, we want to reward you.

We could attempt to contact HR reps at each studio, but, quite frankly, we think it would mean more coming from you. So, we’re offering a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who gets their game studio to publish new jobs. If your HR person asks what’s in it for them, tell them we’re also offering them a $10 gift card for posting. Here are the ground rules:

  • If someone at your studio posts the jobs, they must write us ( to mention the contest and let us know that you referred them.
  • Only 1 gift card (or set of gift cards) per studio. First person to get mentioned in a referral gets the card.
  • Only 1 gift card per person.
  • If the studio has published jobs in the past, we’ll still issue a card if new jobs are published. We’ll just need to hear from the person publishing the jobs that someone acted as a referrer.
  • If a company has multiple studios (EA, Activision, etc.), we’ll offer a card (or set of cards) for each individual studio that posts new ads.
  • We’ll run this offer for 3 weeks or $300 worth of gift cards, whichever comes first.
  • The offer is aimed at employees working at game development studios – if you’ve got a question about whether or not you’re eligible, let us know in advance.
  • We reserve the right to make final decisions on whether or not a gift card is warranted.  All previous rules about posting on our site apply.