Summer Update

Man.  The site has been busy, but the activity on the blog….not so much.  Apologies, and we’ll do our best to break this unintentional vow of silence.  We’ve had a lot of activity from new companies so far this summer, and I think it’s time I extended a belated welcome to the following companies:

Trion Worlds, Inc. – they’re working on a bunch of MMO properties, and they’re looking for a bunch of people to work on those games!  They’ve got a big selection of job ads for their San Diego and Redwood Shores locations.

Naugty Dog – have I welcomed them before?  I can’t remember.  Even if I have, I think they’ve earned welcomes x2.

Toy Studio Games – these guys are very cool, and they’re working on a variety of social networking games from their new location in Chicago.

2015 – this is our first studio from Oklahoma to post jobs on GJH.  They’ve got several ex-EA vets running the shop, and they’re looking to expand.

If you’re searching for a job, we want to know how it’s been going.  The rash of layoffs seems to have died down (Rockstar San Diego notwithstanding) – it seems things have settled a bit.  Are you finding it easier to land an interview?

We’ll keep trying to get more companies to post their jobs with us.  If you’ve had success scoring an interview or a job from an ad you saw on our site, let us know!  More importantly, let that company know you saw the ad at GJH.  😉

Happy hunting, everyone.