Big Week in Orlando Game Development

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ve probably figured out by now that I live in Orlando.  It’s not often that there’s a flurry of activity in the local community, but this week has defnitely been the exception.  It’s exciting to see a little bit of game development buzz in the city, so I wanted to highlight some of the big news.

  • Madden NFL 10 released- Everyone knows Madden, but not everyone knows that it’s developed by Orlando’s largest developer, EA Tiburon.
  • Snood ReDood released – The Dreamhive recently partnered with Monkey Gods to release an old classic on Facebook and iPhone.  Snood just launched, and is already quickly claiming the App Store sales charts!  I sampled the online version with one of the creators tonight, and am proud to say I left with a 1-1 split. 😉
  • KIL.A.TON released – Dot Matrix Interactive is made up of several EA vets, and they’ve now released 2 titles for the iPhone.  They just released KIL.A.TON, and it looks very slick!  It’s already getting solid press from sites like TouchArcade.
  • Brenda Brathwaite (follow her on Twitter) speaking at IGDA Orlando on 08/18- Brenda is a well known industry vet who currently teaches game design at SCAD, and it should be an interesting experience to hear her thoughts on design.  The meeting will be held at Full Sail, so stop by if you can!