New Site, New Jobs, a Couple of Kinks

As I mentioned yesterday, the new site is live.  Thanks to everyone who has checked it out and provided feedback!  We will continue to work on getting improvements implemented and new ads posted on the site.  We actually had several new ads go up to coincide with the launch.  Make sure and check out the jobs from Frozen Codebase, Double Fine, Epic Games and more.

We also discovered a couple of kinks, and unfortunately I’m not talking about Ray and Dave Davies.  I’m referring to some slight bugs – nothing major, and we’ve got them in the queue to be fixed already.  As some of you might have noticed, the search widget isn’t recognizing phrases over 1 word.  Shouldn’t take too long to get that taken care of.  If you happen to notice any other bugs (or if you have suggestions!), please let us know at support @ gamejobhunter (dot) com.  Thanks!