Get to Know Your Local Game Industry

My partner Andy forwarded me a great blog post recently about gettting to know your local video game industry – read it here.  I’ve written a bit about this in the past, specifically in regards to job searching after layoffs, attending your local IGDA chapter and tracking where all the video game companies are.  The author of this article, Ms. Lesa Wilcox, is running with the same ideas.  She recommends identifying 3 specfic areas in your local game community – education facilities, networking opportunities, and a list of local companies.

For Ms. Wilcox, the target area is Baltimore, and she does an impressive job of laying out what the local scene looks like.  I think putting together a list like this is a great step in starting your job search, and I really like seeing a list like this laid out for a city like Baltimore.  You don’t necessarily think of Baltimore as being a game development hub, but it has a solid roster of developers and educational facilities.

I’m thinking about putting together lists like these for a variety of cities, and I’d like to start with cities that fall outside the realm of the “superstar” development cities (San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, etc.).  I’ll probably start with Orlando, because that’s where I live.  😉