New Game Company in Chicago

I saw an announcement about a new gaming company (Robomodo) come across an RSS feed yesterday:  Link.  I’ve actually seen the name Robomodo floating around for several months, but I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of company they were.  I’d seen a former co-worker’s Linkedin profile change to Robomodo several months back, and it’s good to hear them announce it’s another gaming studio in Chicago.  It’s even better to hear them say that the team is formed by several of the members of the now-closed EA Chicago studio.  It’s always interesting to see the ripple effect that’s caused when a large studio shuts down – there’s usually 1 or 2 interesting new companies that arise from the ashes.  I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys are up to.

I also like what this does for the gaming industry in Chicago.  I love Chicago (my sister-in-law lives there), and thought EA leaving was going to be a blow to the game industry in the city.  There are a few other players in the area (Midway, Day 1, Wideload, High Voltage, and Volition right down the road in Champaign), and I’m hoping other new studios like Robomodo will take a look at setting up shop in town.  Chicago has the potential to be a nice little gaming hub – access to all the city has to offer is obviously key, but it can provide a nice career option for those students coming out of Big 10 country who want to work closer to home.  When there’s more studios in a city, there’s obviously lower risk in taking a job there.  If the job you take doesn’t work out, you can (figuratively, of course) walk down the street and turn in your resume somewhere else.