Video Game Conferences

If you’re on a job hunt, conferences are a great place to meet potential employers face-to-face.  And if you’re only thinking GDC, PAX and maybe E3 when you’re thinking conferences, you need to think again.  While some conferences have dedicated job booth areas (the room at GDC is massive), others simply offer you a little informal time meeting with a wide range of industry people who have no choice but to sit and talk with you.  😉

Here’s just a few that we’ve already had this year that come to mind:

  • Virtual World show – there’s actually been two of these already, and there’s another one coming up in London
  • Casual Connect – show focusing on, you guessed it, casual games
  • Games & Mobile Forum @ LA Games Conference
  • NY Games Conference – this one is coming up on Sept. 25-26th
  • Austin GDC – Sept. 15-17th

This is just a small sampling, I’m sure there’s many more worth adding to the list.  Just another element that’s worth adding to your job hunting arsenal.