GJH Blog

Hey all – first off, thanks to everyone who has been using GameJobHunter so far! We’ve been doing a little to promote the site over the past few months, but we’re looking at updating quite a few things over the next few months. The first thing, obviously, is adding the blog page. We intend to use this space to welcome new companies, post conversations with industry friends about job hunting and comment on any relevant industry news.

We know there’s several nice game job sites out there, but these do NOT provide an accurate snapshot of the current available job listing in the industry. When these postings run anywhere from $250-$500 per ad, you’re going to see companies being selective with when and what they post. By offering FREE basic ads at all times, we hope to attract a much wider range of companies to keep their listings current through our site. With that being said, look for several new companies to be added over the coming weeks!