Hey everyone…GameJobHunter has been a part of my life for a long time. I think since 2008? Honestly the exact origin date is a little hazy at this point. It’s always been a side project, and has primarily been a labor of love that kept me connected to the industry as I moved down a different career path. Several people have been involved over the years (Cory for the longest!) but for about the last 5 years, it’s basically just been me. I’ve gotten much busier with my actual job over the past year or so, and the amount of time I’ve had to keep up with GJH has effectively dropped to zero.

So on that note, I’ve decided to shut down the site. At least for now, you never know. To all of the people who let me know that GJH played some small role in helping them find a job - I’m glad it was able to help, and it always meant a lot to me to hear from you either online or in person! If you’re looking for a job now, here are a few of the sites that I like most:

As always, best of luck in your job search! And thanks to all of you who used GameJobHunter over the years.

Sincerely, Paul

P.S. if you’ve got questions about the site, LinkedIn is probably the best way to reach me.