Senior Technical Artist


Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
November 29, 2017
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The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency is looking to expand it’s art and animation team by adding a motivated and capable Senior Technical Artist. The individual selected for this role will play a key part in helping to streamline and optimize the content creation pipeline for a new game we are working on in the Unreal 4 Engine. If you are an Unreal expert and a systems thinker that takes pride in how quickly an artist can integrate and polish their world-class content ingame, read on!

Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Lead the technical pipeline of how assets get created, integrated, lit, surfaced and polished in the game for the final look
  • Help integrate source art, animation, vfx and sfx assets into the Unreal game engine ideally through automation where feasible
  • Support the art and animation team by writing scripts and tools to improve the content creation pipeline
  • Thoroughly diagnosis art optimization issues across CPU and GPU performance before they get escalated to the engineering team, report the findings back to the art team and improve the pipeline
  • Be liaison for the engineering team on behalf of the artists in troubleshooting technical issues
  • Anticipate the needs of the team and proactively develop tools to help smooth out the changing needs of the production pipeline
  • Assist the engineering team w/ triggerable event scripts in the game
  • Contribute art, lighting, anim or vfx assets as required

Required Experience:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of working in the Unreal 4 Engine
  • Demonstrated experience building or optimizing existing content creation pipelines
  • Demonstrated knowledge in batch exporting/ baking animation data
  • Technical fluency in a scripting language
  • Expert level knowledge of Maya

Preferred Knowledge/Experience:

  • Ability to competently rig and skin characters and props using Epic’s ART Tools plugin for Maya
  • Technical fluency in C#, mel and python
  • Experience working with Unreal systems for creating various effects like cloth tools, deforming meshes with splines, driving particle effects via exposing parameters to blueprints
  • Ability to light scenes and/or develop visual effects at a worldclass level
  • Experience developing on console
  • Computer Science background is a big plus
  • Experience with Substance Painter and/or Designer
  • A gamer that wants to contribute their thoughts to the game
  • Experience building or using world builder game tools (eg. Houdini Engine) to develop art for games

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