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November 23, 2017
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The role of Development Producer (DP) is critical to the Axis Studios Group’s mission to produce the best narrative entertainment content in the field of CG and animation. Working alongside the Creative Head of Development (CHOD), and reporting directly to the CEO, alongside  the joint Heads of Production, the DP’s role will be to help lead Axis and Flaunt’s efforts in generating (or optioning) its own Intellectual Property with a view to producing (or co-producing) its own content for a large audience.

The DP is charged with overseeing (from a production perspective) the development of new content and intellectual property, the forging of new business partnerships, and the crafting of deals and contracts – all with the goal of establishing the best creative and financial position possible for the group, before the commencement of any project.

This involves helping to define creative and business development strategies that provide the correct framework for this growth, driving progress in the development team to an agreed schedule, and reporting regularly to the management team in Glasgow.

While the DP is not expected to drive the creative process in a hands-on creative capacity, they are expected to collaborate with key creative staff (in particular the CHOD) in the successful delivery of the work from pitch, to development materials, to final content. As such, strong creative judgement will be required alongside production know-how.


• Collaborate with the CHOD, and where relevant the CEO and Creative Director, to define the strategy, vision and direction for development activities across the Axis Studios group
• Have a full understanding of potential partners, collaborators and competitors; opportunities, risks and challenges, within the relevant market(s)
• Research, identify, seek out and acquire new creative and business opportunities in these markets.
• Develop new creative and business relationships
• Organize and attend events, conferences and meetings, internationally
• Engage with marketing, press and PR endeavours, promoting the studio’s engagement with development activities and new IP as appropriate
• Bid, budget and schedule new projects to a high degree of accuracy in collaboration with Axis HODs, supervisors and other key stakeholders
• Ensure all development activities take place to an agreed budget and schedule.
• Collaborate with CHOD, Creative Director, creative and CG team and Axis Directors to ensure
creativity quality from pitch through development to final content
• Play an active role in brainstorming sessions with the CHOD, Creative Director, Directors and Exec Producers, helping to steer creative solutions that are in line with the parameters of schedules and budgets

Skills & Experience

• Experience of working as a development producer
• A passion for the content produced by the best animation studios in the world
• Experience of defining a strategy and seeing it through to completion
• Extensive team management and client-facing skills
• Thorough understanding Microsoft Office, particularly Excel

An Effective Development Producer

• Inspires, nurtures, encourages and challenges
• Naturally motivates teams with enthusiasm
• Presents work and ideas in a dynamic, compelling and entertaining way
• Is ambitious, but flexible
• Trust others, but is prepared to make difficult decisions
• Fights for great ideas
• Is organised and methodical in their approach to work
• Put the outcome for the studio as a whole first
• Seeks competitive and creative advantage in every opportunity
• Checks the contract, and asks for more
• Is happy to hand over a project for execution and delivery by its production team, is confident it has started in good shape, and will deliver both financially and creatively

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