When you’re looking for a job in the game industry, the most obvious question to ask is – where are the jobs located? Which North American cities have the largest concentration of companies involved with video game development? Well, we’ve put together lists of game studios by city, and figured it would be helpful to rank those cities. Our city lists are the basis for these rankings.

Keep in mind – these rankings are only based on the number of studios in each city! We have also put together a power ranking list that takes studio size into account.

Each city also includes surrounding suburbs, so Seattle actually includes Redmond, Bellevue, etc. These lists also change frequently, so we’ll make sure to update the rankings as we add and delete companies to our lists.

Ok, on to the list. We’ve got pages for 20 cities, and they’re listed here in reverse order. As we create pages for new cities, we’ll add them to the list.

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What do you think?  Any surprises?