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Lead Lighter (Contract

Full-time at Brown Bag Films in Dublin, Ireland

The Lighting Lead is responsible to follow: the LookDev of all the Assets & Characters; the Lighting of episodes; Collaborates with project CG Sup to create the best technical strategy for completing episodes; debugs technical issues; Collaborates closely with Texture Lead.
The Lead will follow and reinforce, with team (internal and external) all technical guidelines and “rules” defined for the project.
Lead will create the Lighting Breakdowns and set the priorities for the episodes with Production Management. Attends all Technical Breakdown Meetings, so Lighting is represented and collaborates with the FX Lead (when setting episodic priorities).
Ensures that the Master/Parent shots and comp template are: complete, optimized, cleanly organized and ready for use in production/children shots. Once the Master/Parent shots are approved by the AD and Director, creates any necessary documentation for Lighting Team and responsible for Lighting Launch of each episode (internally and externally), guides visual and technical continuity of all shots within episodes.

Works closely with Production Management:
Follows team (internally and externally), on a daily basis, with Production Management to reinforce schedule and confirm progress.
Organize reviews for his/her team.
Is responsible to present any work being reviewed.
Reinforces, to his/her team, the importance of deadlines, and alerts PM of any problems arising that could affect the schedule.
Will be asked to test new tools, shaders and scripts before they are releasedto the Lighting & Comp Department. Expected to offer time saving solutions and techniques.
Leads are also responsible to assist in the training and advancement oflighting and comp techniques within team and department.
Responsible to help cultivate a strong team environment, reporting any performance issues or conflicts to Production Management andLighting Supervisor.
At the end of each project, gathers useful information of issues that occurred during production, which should be resolved and not repeated in future productions.

Position Requirements
Minimum of 6 years lighting and compositing experience working within a CG Animation Feature and / or episodic production pipeline.
Previous leadership role with artists.
Comfortable managing overseas resources.
Excellent understanding of asset tracking and management tools.
Expert level working with Maya and Nuke.
Experience working with various render engines.
Strong creative background and a great artistic eye.
Ability to communicate accurately, tactfully, conveying competency, helpfulness and support.
Excellent attention to technical detail, strong problem solving skills and ability to deliver accurate work.
Adaptability/Flexibility of style.
Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Illustration, Photography, Cinematography, Computer Graphics or equivalent job experience.


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