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Inhouse Storyboard Artist (contract)

Full-time at Brown Bag Films in Dublin, Ireland


The Storyboard Artist will work closely with the series Director of a TV Animation Series.
Superior drawing skills are vital. The ability to create dynamic and expressive posing & acting is required as well as a strong sense of composition and staging. A strong understanding of the 3D camera and an ability to think in cinematic terms is essential.

Good time management skills, an ability to take direction and a professional attitude are also required.

Key Areas of responsibilities:
Work closely with the Series Directors to create production-ready Storyboards for a pre-school TV series/3D CGI production with best use of 3d space and camera.
Meet with the Directors (Episodic and/or supervising) to launch the episode and discuss the script, going through ideas and sharing Thumbnails.
Create thumbnails for the entire script
Meet with Director to review the thumbnails and make any adjustments before going to full boards.
Clean up the full Storyboard and deliver an animatic readystoryboard that adheres to the production’s style and visualizes the script in an effective, entertaining manner.
Prepare Storyboard ready to handover to production.
Respond efficiently to notes and be able to translate revisions during storyboard review.
Adhere to the quality and style of the show and make sure it is consistently achieved in your drawing
Meet all deadlines as determined by the Producer or Production Manager If required work closely with the storyboard revisionists in a supervisory and/or mentoring capacity
May be required at certain times to do revisions, on the understanding that their storyboard work will take precedence.

Person Specification/Requirements
5 years + working as a Storyboard Revisionist for TV Animation Strong communication skills with an ability to give and take direction
Ability to work as part of a team in a rapidly changing environment.


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