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Head of Partnerships

Full-time at Tilting Point in New York, New York

Tilting Point’s Head of Partnerships will lead a team responsible for three key areas of business-to-business marketing, discovering and capturing new partnership opportunities, and managing relationships with existing partners, including game developers, platforms, and licensors.

Our Head of Partnerships will serve as the primary liaison between Tilting Point and award winning game studios, originating and negotiating publishing deals, driving and influencing greenlight decisions, and propelling expansion opportunities to achieve aggressive growth targets.

Your Future at TPM

B2B marketing
• Sell – market and promote Tilting Point’s services to target developers; deliver formal presentations to convince top developers of Tilting Point’s superior partnership offering.
• Track – develop and maintain records of independent development teams; ensure information gathered from developer communications is retained and documented using internal database and regular, transparent updates to internal collaborators.
• Inform – keep up to date on the latest trends in mobile game publishing; regularly engage with competitor titles, internal titles, and market leaders to inform perspective on industry trends and best practices; report learnings and insights.
• Create – customize sales presentations and related materials showcasing Tilting Point’s value proposition; set the strategy for external B2B writing and communications including industry press, social media, company website, and other outlets.
• Evangelize – represent Tilting Point at industry conferences and events; collaborate with PR team on public exposure opportunities, including speaking engagements and interviews.

Business development
• Discover – identify new business opportunities to grow Tilting Point’s product pipeline; conduct research on leading independent game developers; apply a data-driven approach using available market data sources.
• Own Tilting Point’s game evaluation process, organizing internal teams and relevant materials, soliciting feedback, and building consensus.
• Analyze – work with game managers to formulate underlying assumptions and run deal models that quantify projected game P&Ls.
• Negotiate – structure and draft key terms (e.g. revenue share, minimum guarantees, marketing commitments) through discussions with prospective developer partners, internal collaborators, and legal counsel. Prepare and inform negotiating strategy with evaluation of risks and expected returns, analysis of alternatives, and financial modeling.
• Collaborate with game managers to solidify required game features and key milestones before signing titles into Tilting Point’s portfolio.
• Manage the deal signing process by collecting input from all stakeholders, ensuring best practices, complying with Tilting Point’s policies and procedures, and obtaining required approvals and final sign-off.
• Manage partnership handover to game managers; ensure key deal terms and deal sensitivities are understood by all.
• Build, grow, and manage a team responsible for all of the above.

Platform relations
• Maintain, manage, and expand the company’s relationships with first party platform licensors (e.g., Apple, Google, Amazon, Valve, Microsoft, Sony), serving as their primary point of contact with Tilting Point.
• Present games in the Tilting Point portfolio to platform partners for feature consideration; advocate for game featuring and store visibility; identify untapped platform-related opportunities.
• Educate Tilting Point and its developer partners about current and future platform related opportunities, features, trends, and guidelines.

IP licensing
• Identify with product teams the best brand opportunities for games in our pipeline and to fill product category gaps.
• Negotiate, execute, and manage new license agreements to achieve strategic objectives and revenue goals.
• Manage the licensor lifecycle from contract to product development and execution.
Partner management
• Facilitate positive and mutually beneficial relationships by becoming an added conduit for communication and transparency between Tilting Point and its signed partners.
• Read our partnership contracts and become an expert on the deal terms they contain; understand contractual commitments between both parties; ensure fulfillment of Tilting Point’s business obligations.
• Regularly, but not frequently nor intrusively, check in with signed developer partners to ensure that the integrity of our relationship is intact and that our partner’s needs are being met expeditiously.
• Where applicable, assist game managers with negotiation of contractual changes through amendments.
• Over time, develop a basis of trust with Tilting Point’s developer partners that will enhance our relationships and our reputation in the developer community.

Your XP & Skills

We’re looking for a collaborative leader with:
- Positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a love for games
- Strong product instincts
- Excellent speaking and writing abilities
- Deep industry relationships
- Direct experience with video game developer relations
- Exceptional skill in interacting and winning favor with the world’s leading independent developers
- Strong passion, knowledge, and experience in free-to-play mobile gaming with a genuine interest in mobile games
- A strong work ethic
- Deep and far-reaching relationships in the mobile game developer community within a minimum of 5 years industry experience, preferably in developer relations roles.

Location: New York, New York (Midtown/Grand Central)
Position reports to our Chief Product Officer.

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Juliette Dupré
Senior Manager of Talent

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