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Unreal Engine 4 Combat Designer

Freelance at Kingdom Games in Austin, Texas

Combat Designer
Kingdom Media, LLC is looking for a Combat Designer for our unannounced High Fantasy Role Playing Game. Our ideal candidate is an experienced video game combat designer with a strong and demonstrable passion for current generation Western RPG video games. Please send your resume and cover letter along with any links to your portfolio or previous work to for consideration.
Job Requirements

  • Shipped AAA titles as a Combat Designer
  • Deep understanding of the Unreal Editor 4 toolset, Blueprints, etc.
  • Develop and assist the implementation of the combat system, player abilities, enemy abilities, and environmental effects that affect combat overall
  • Assist in tuning and balancing of all aspects of the combat system, abilities, and environmental effects
  • Able to work within a process and incorporate peer and player feedback

  • Brainstorming, documenting, and implementation of enemy and boss behavior trees, enemy abilities, encounters, player character abilities, and related combat systems.
  • Create interesting and varied combat experiences throughout the game as pertains to an RPG audience
  • Scripting unique combat scenarios to be placed within the game
  • Integral part in creating and tuning systems associated with combat
  • Proactive approach to communicating progress and resolution of issues and tasks to your lead or project manager

Further Qualifications
  • Experience with both single and multiplayer games (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Experience designing and developing in Virtual Reality environments
  • Fluent in visual-scripting languages (Unreal Blueprints or similar)
  • Demonstrable portfolio of your previous work (preferably within Unreal 4)
  • Knowledgeable programming or text-based scripting language skills
  • Work in an organized fashion, documenting your work from planning through development phases
  • Able to anticipate, prioritize, and organize your work to meet objectives
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Familiar with and able to work within a SCRUM development process
  • Strong sense of attention to detail
  • Analytical problem solver

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