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Full-time at Skysoul Pty Ltd in Shanghai, CN

Job Description:
1. Recognise, acknowledge company culture, willing to contribute to the development of the studio's culture, professional practices and quality standards;
2. Respsenting the company as responsible Game Producer by abiding company policies, always lead by example, being the main promoter of company idea and culture;
3. Build and maintain strong and professional relationships with clients, partner, outside specialists, and other vendors;
4. Game Producer manages a collection of the company’s game development projects within a defined product category;
5. Manages brand assurances of assigned products adhering to Skysoul standards and brand approval requirements;
6. Oversee project production from concept to completion; review concepts, prototypes and final builds for development, creative or delivery
7. Track time on projects for billing purposes and reconciliation of invoices;
8. Manage every aspect of a project, including: vendor research and management, budgeting, creative asset purchasing, video production and animation, and final delivery;
9. Create and manage the production schedule
10. Work closely with internal stakeholders as well as external creatives to track progress and research emerging trends and technologies;
11. Ensures milestones and development time schedules are met. Is responsible for managing the production budget, and ensuring deliverables meet a high quality standard;
12. Evangelize title both internally among Marketing, Sales, and PR as well as externally to 1st party and consumers;
13. Use project management tools, production methodologies, and leadership level dialogue to maintain tight schedules and high standards of quality;
14. Provide motivation, direction, and improve best practices;
15. Assist with recruiting and interviewing candidates for positions in product development where needed;
16. Must be action oriented, having the courage to take the charge to break through any challenges; able to turn challenges into opportunities, there’s no such thing as “too hard” in mentality;
17. Ability to stay calm under pressure, able to maintain stability in crisis-mode, keeping everyone positive when others might become defensive or frustrated;
18. A visionary to see the matter beyond, can share it with clarity and conviction; invigorate teams by setting up achievement mileposts, helping team feel included in a future full of possibility;
19. Analyze competitive products and new business opportunities and make recommendations to senior management;

1) In-depth understanding of all aspects of game production process, at least three years of team management experience;
2) Familiar with mobile games, in-depth understanding of the mobile gaming market and unique insights;
3) In-depth understanding of the game experience, interaction, vitality, pay cycle. And understand the operating mechanism of game products;
4) Have strong leadership, expression ability, coordination ability, high leadership charm;
5) Proficient in English

Company advantage: we can do the globalization game...

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