New Studio List – Madison

Madison video game companies

We just published a new studio list – Madison, Wisconsin! This is one we probably should have added a long time ago. I ended up reconnecting with an old coworker yesterday who started a company called Lost Boys Interactive in Madison, and he reminded me how much development was happening in the city. It’s not a huge list of developers, … Read More

Play This – Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Super Fancy Pants Adventure Screenshot

I want to briefly interrupt your job search to bring you a game recommendation. We don’t typically do this on GameJobHunter, but I’m making an exception here. If you didn’t know this already, we’re located in New Orleans, which is also where Super Fancy Pants Adventure was developed by Brad Borne. I met Brad several years ago at one of … Read More

Game Jobs – Giant Enemy Crab

Giant Enemy Crab is a growing indie startup in Seattle, and they’re working on a tactical SWAT-style shooter called Due Process. They’re looking to fill a couple of key positions on the team, so this could be your chance to get in early with an exciting new team working on a buzzy new title. Technical Producer “We’re looking for a full-time … Read More

How To Sell Candidates on Your Studio

I saw a tweet recently from one of the companies on our LA dev list, Sony Santa Monica, saying that they were in the process of moving to a new studio: We are MOVING this Summer to a new studio, here is your first peek (we will still be Santa Monica Studio!) — Santa Monica Studio (@SonySantaMonica) January 29, … Read More

Retro Studios is Hiring Developers

We have a good friend working at Retro Studios in Austin, and he let us know that they are in the process of trying to fill several engineering positions. He is directly involved with trying to fill three Tools Engineer spots, so we’re doing what we can to help spread the word. Here are the links to those three openings: … Read More

Zynga Opening Orlando Studio

Zynga Orlando is now officially a thing. Ian Cummings is Director of Design at the new location, and has confirmed that the studio is open and hiring. No word yet on what titles they’ll be working on, but they do already have a few open positions listed on the Zynga site: Software Engineer Product Manager This is potentially a very … Read More

City Page Updates

We recently received several tips about changes to some of the game studios on our Video Game City pages.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment with an update!  We also want to thank Jeremy Strauser and Tom Carbone for their help on the Austin and Orlando lists, respectively.  Keep those tips coming – it’s a challenge to keep these … Read More

Gift Card Giveaway

The last several months have been busy for us. Traffic has been at an all-time high, and we’ve had a steady stream of new jobs and submitted applications. But, we want this to get even bigger. We want more studios to publish their jobs, which we hope will make finding a new job easier for those on the hunt. In … Read More

New City Page Added – LA/Orange County

Check it out – the LA list is finally done!  This list is a long one.  Of the cities that we’ve done, LA is now #2.  San Francisco is still #1, and Seattle slips to #3.  There are some large gaps on the list where headcount is concerned.  If you can help us fill any of these in, drop us … Read More

International Game Job Ads

I was glancing at several postings on our site today, and I couldn’t help but notice how many different ads we’ve had go up recently from countries other than the US.  When we first started the site (over 2 years ago), we were contacting companies directly to see if they’d post their ads with us.  We focused almost exclusively on … Read More