Video Game Cities

Here are the video game city pages that we currently have – more to come! Each page lists the video game studios that operate in that city. If you’re looking for a job, it helps to know where the developers are at!

Make sure and check out our most recent video game jobs.

Which cities have the most game studios and jobs? We’ve got two lists – our city rankings page is ranked by number of studios, and our power rankings page takes studio head counts into account.



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  • Paul Teall

    Boston page was added over the weekend!

  • Paul Teall

    Salt Lake City page has been updated.

  • Paul Teall

    A list for LA has been added!

  • Paul Teall

    Vancouver has been added to the list.

  • Paul Teall

    San Diego page created.

  • Paul Teall

    Atlanta page created.

  • Jannamcl

    Hi, I’m looking for companies in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia/Lower Maryland¬†Area. There’s a decent amount of Serious Games companies around here and a few entertainment focused ones. I would love to find more! Thanks for the other pages. The San Francisco one has been helping me a lot since I am also applying to companies there.

  • Paul Teall

    Washington DC Metro area list has been added. ¬†That one was a little tricky – let me know if I’m missing anyone!

  • Carol

    Are there any in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region? Thanks!

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  • Guest

    Why is the state of Washington missing from the list? I mean, valve is there isn’t it?

  • Guest

    Sorry. I didn’t read properly. Just noticed Seattle

  • Paul Teall

    Just added Baltimore to the list.

  • Guest

    You could combine D.C and Baltimore.

  • Paul Teall

    Added Ottawa to the list.

  • Deven

    What about Philly?

  • padugan

    I had the same thought,…..

  • Paul Teall

    Added London, Ontario to the list.

  • Olivia

    Any around Colorado? I’m hoping to find something around the Denver area.

  • Sluesa

    Edmonon, AB? Small indie company, maybe you’ve heard of it…Bioware? They started here…Should be on the list…

  • Plotnus

    Thanks, this is awesome, and a help to many.

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  • Cummbottom

    France,Denmark and Sweden removed. Not included, dynamic regions. Animation
    and gaming products. Guess there employee of Gamestop. Whom never sells anything non Japanese. EU has independent market which. Larger firms seek to acquire Sweden. 5 cities for Video games as France. Inaccurate data only English?

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  • Johary Mustapha

    We’re operating in Asia region. Any chance cities from Asia would be listed in this directory?

  • Christopher

    Hi Paul,
    Can you add our company to the list, I sent you the information in email. Gentlemen Gaming, its a c corp, 5-15 employees, mobile/desktop games all genres, 15 games in production, website: