The Game Industry is Small – No, Seriously

We had a game dev Meetup in New Orleans recently, and I was chatting with a developer who just recently moved to the city. He had worked for Nickelodeon, and he mentioned that he had worked on Neopets. I had met the Neopets founders at GDC many years ago, and we ended up bumping into each other at several parties … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 10.12.14

We’ve got another recruiter quick tip, this one from Nadine Rossignol from Armature Studios in Austin. If you’re thinking about a casual studio drop-by to ask about openings, check out Nadine’s tip: Don’t just show up at a studio to pass in your resume in person, or for any other reason! The people who work at the studio are busy … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 06.09.14

It’s been a while, but it’s time for another recruiter quick tip. This one comes to us courtesy of Ashley Doyal, who is the HR Manager for Arkane + BattleCry Studios (ZeniMax) in Austin. Ashely offered up several tips that we’ll share in the future, but we’ll start with this one: Don’t be afraid to show your passion in a … Read More

Featured Studio – NHN Entertainment Labs

NHN Entertainment Labs is a new studio that recently opened in Santa Monica, and we’re helping them get the word out about their open jobs! You might not be familiar with their name, but that doesn’t mean that they’re starting from scratch. Their parent company is one of the largest and most profitable entertainment companies in South Korea, NHN Entertainment. … Read More

Vancouver Job Fair – Hiring Happy Hour

If you’re looking for a game industry job, and you’re going to be anywhere near Vancouver on April 8th, there is an event you need to attend. Vancouver-based mobile developer A Thinking Ape is helping host the 2nd annual Hiring Happy Hour. 11 studios will be on hand to talk directly to job hunters about their openings, and hopefully do … Read More

Career Insights Gleaned from the Creator of True Detective

Like any good True Detective fan, I was scouring Reddit after the finale of the show for a final round of crazy theories and conspiracies. If you haven’t watched True Detective yet, stop reading this, borrow someone’s HBO Go password, and go watch. Seriously, binge-watch all 8 hours right now. Back? Ok. So while on Reddit, I came across an interview with … Read More

Irrational Games Layoffs

Wow, this is wild. First off, our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the massive shake-up at Irrational. The news about the restructuring is already being covered in many places. For now, we wanted to just start collecting tweets from people and studios who are doing some hiring. We’ll add links throughout the day as they come in. To … Read More

Layoffs at Turbine

More sad news in the industry today – it’s being reported that Boston-area developer Turbine is cutting an unspecified number of positions. This is, unfortunately, coming on the heels of recent layoffs at Zynga and EA Salt Lake City. It’s always a bit depressing to hear news like this, but the refreshing part is seeing people in the industry rallying … Read More

How To Sell Candidates on Your Studio

I saw a tweet recently from one of the companies on our LA dev list, Sony Santa Monica, saying that they were in the process of moving to a new studio: We are MOVING this Summer to a new studio, here is your first peek (we will still be Santa Monica Studio!) — Santa Monica Studio (@SonySantaMonica) January 29, … Read More

Zynga and EA Layoffs – Next Steps

It was a tough week for some employees of two major development houses. Zynga let go over 300 employees, and the EA studio in Salt Lake City also let go or relocated several dozen people. Layoffs suck (speaking from experience) – it feels like a punch in the gut, and the minutes, hours and days immediately after you get the … Read More