Local Video Game Companies – Washington DC

Calling this list the Washington DC list is a bit misleading, as almost none of the studios are actually located within the District.  The surrounding area, however, is another story. There are several large companies in the metro area – EA has a presence (Mythic), and ZeniMax Media is headquartered here.

We have separated out studios in and around Baltimore.  There are also several defense and simulation companies in the area, which we have not included in our list.

There is an active IGDA chapter servicing the DC game development community.

AT KidSystems (Silver Spring, MD)Cosmo's Learning SystemsEducational?
Benxing Entertainment (Columbia, Maryland)Patient Playtime Kiosk, Color WordsMobile, Educational?
Bethesda Game Studios (Rockville, MD)Skyrim, Fallout 3Consoles, PC?
Bethesda Softworks (Rockville, MD)Skyrim (Published), Rage (Published)Publishing51-200
Citadel StudiosShardsPC1-10
City State Entertainment (Fairfax, VA)March on OzMobile11-50
E4 SoftwareSolitaire Double-Deck HDMobile?
GamePeons2012 ADMobile1-10
iCivicsCast Your Vote, Immigration NationEducational?
Mythic Entertainment (Fairfax, VA)Warhammer Online, Dark Age of CamelotPC?
Simutronics (Gaithersburg, MD)Gem Stone IV, DragonRealmsPC, Mobile51-200
Vir2L Studios (Rockville, MD)Wukong Warrior, Medieval GamesMobile, Consoles?
ZeniMax Media (Rockville, MD)Parent company for Bethesda, id, ArkaneOperations?

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