Local Video Game Companies – Toronto

The Toronto area has become an impressive hub for video game development over the last several years.  The city boasts AAA developers with hundreds of employees, like Rockstar, Zynga and Ubisoft. Toronto also features a healthy and collaborative indie scene – indie studio Capybara Games mentions  on their site that they “began life in the local IGDA chapter.”  Other well-known indies like Polytron, Queasy Games and Metanet Software all make their home in or around Toronto.

Toronto already has a robust environment for game developers, and it looks poised to continue the growth of its game industry scene.

Remember to check out our job listings to see if there are any openings in Toronto.

Alien ConceptsAt Risk: The Turtle Survival ChallengeWeb, Mobile1-10
BattleGoat StudiosSupreme Ruler SeriesPC?
Big Viking GamesTiny Kingdoms, Fish WorldSocial, Mobile51-200
Blammo GamesStardom: The A-ListMobile11-50
Capcom MobileMobile versions of Capcom titlesMobile?
Capybara GamesSuperbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Critter CrunchMobile, Handheld, Downloadable11-50
City InteractiveSniper SeriesConsoles, PC, Handheld51-200
dotBunny (Peterborough, Ontario)Cirque Du Noir, Flight of the KelvinsPC1-10
DrinkBox StudiosAbout a Blob, Mutant Blobs AttackHandheld, Downloadable1-10
Electron JumpDon't Feed the Animals, SpikeDownloadable, Mobile1-10
endloopArcade SolitareMobile1-10
Firetoad SoftwareFuelDownloadable, Web?
Fuse PoweredJudge Dredd vs. Zombies, JawsMobile, Web1-10
Game HiveBeat the Boss, Battle RunMobile11-50
Gameloft Toronto?Mobile?
Game PillSasquatch Survivor, Tattoo ArtistMobile, Web1-10
Get Set GamesMega Jump, AddicusMobile1-10
Incubator GamesFeeding TimeMobile, Web1-10
Lightning Rod GamesHenchmen!Mobile1-10
Little Guy GamesPuzzle Pond, Battle BlastersMobile?
Longbow GamesHegemony SeriesPC?
M5 GamesStetchBotMobile1-10
Magitech1942 Pacific Commander, Flak 88PC, Mobile?
Metanet Softwaren, n+PC, Downloadable1-10
Phantom CompassMutant Zombie Meltdown, Dionysian DreamWeb, Downloadable1-10
Queasy GamesEveryday ShooterPC, Downloadable1-10
Rockstar TorontoThe Warriors, Max Payne 3Consoles?
Social Games UniverseDirty Dancing, Hollywood TycoonSocial11-50
Streaming ColourDapple, LandFormerMobile1-10
TransGamingGameTree TechnologyMiddleware?
Trompo GamesPull My PawMobile1-10
Ubisoft TorontoSplinter Cell, Rainbow SixConsoles201-500
Uken GamesAge of Legends, Dark GalaxyMobile51-200
Vast StudiosNightfall Mysteries Series, Shattered Minds SeriesPC?
Veil EntertainmentRise & RuinWeb1-10
Wero CreativeAstrodoge, CatLifterMobile1-10
Wicked InteractiveAce Online, Kuso PartyWeb?
XMG StudioGhostbusters Paranormal Blast, Fashion Star BoutiqueMobile11-50
Zynga Toronto?Social, Mobile?

Other Organizations

  • IGDA Toronto – Their site indicates that they’ve had meetings the last 2 months.  That’s a good sign
  • The Hand Eye Society – These guys look very cool.  It’s a local collective of Toronto developers who look to help each other with creating and promoting their games.

Who am I missing?  Do you know the answer to any of the question marks I’ve got in there?  Add a note in the comments and I’ll update the table.

Thanks to Game Census, GameDevMap, Linkedin, Wikipedia, and all of the studio sites!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Updated the headcount for Ubisoft Toronto – their site now shows them at 350 (and growing).

  • John Kim

    Gameloft Toronto should be in the list :)

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Hey John – got them added, thanks for the catch!

  • meenaf

    Hi everyone, Humber College is having a Networking event for their Game and IT students. Would love to invite our Toronto Gaming Industry to our event. Pls let me know if anyone is interested in joining us – its a pizza & pop night :)

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Mention us on Twitter and we’ll RT it for you.

  • meenaf

    Does anyone know if City Interactive has a game studio in Toronto?

  • meenaf

    Hi everyone,
    I am a Career Faculty at Humber College in Toronto and I am hosting a networking evening for our Game Programming student graduating in May 2016. I would love to invite game industry professionals to our event. Anyone interested to come? It is on March 8th from 6 to 8pm? Please let me know. Our students will really appreciate some guidance as they being their job search journey!!
    @hailpza:disqus can you please help me spread the word?! Please!! Thank you :-)

  • Anonymous

    LittleGuy Games has a studio size of 11-50 people.

    Gameloft Toronto has over 50 people.

  • Eugene

    Hi Everyone
    We offer audio services for media, including video games. We also offer audio integration with Wwise or FMOD. Please visit our website at http://www.theaudiomakers.com. Thanks.

  • Nadia Dar

    Hey friends!
    Heads up for anyone who’s interested I’m a freelance video editor looking to do more video game promo work. If anybody on here is interested in having a trailer or promo made I’ll do it free of charge!

    You can check out some examples of my stuff here if you’re interested

    and by all means send me an email if you have any questions at nadiafdar@hotmail.com

    Thanks guys :)

  • Jason

    Hey, would it be possible to add M5 Games?

    Website: http://www.m5games.com/
    Notable Projects: StretchBot
    Focus: Mobile Games
    Studio Size: 1-10


  • Shantanu Hem Kabadi

    Hey I’m new here. I’m preparing myself to become a 3D vehicle artist. Which of these companies have openings for this position?

  • Mickey Blaivas

    Can you please add Blazesoft (http://www.blazesoft.ca. Social, mobile)
    Size 11-50