Local Video Game Companies – Seattle

The Seattle area is home to some of the most biggest game companies in the industry.  Microsoft, Nintendo of America, and Valve – all have their headquarters in the area.  Genre-defining titles like Half-Life and Halo were created here.  There are a few cities with more studios, but it’s hard to argue with the quality of companies and titles coming out of Seattle.

The presence of Microsoft has certainly had an impact in spawning a thriving scene of game developers –  the abundance of Microsoft millionaires meant that there was an ample supply of both money and talent available to  help start new companies (see – Seattle tech history).  That type of investment and infrastructure has helped turn Seattle into one of the most impressive hotbeds for game development in the U.S.

This lists includes studios in Seattle, as well as suburbs like Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond.

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17-BitGALAK-Z, Skulls of the ShogunConsoles, PC1-10
343 Industries (Kirkland)Halo 4Consoles201-500
5th Cell (Bellevue)Hybrid, ScribblenautsHandhelds, Downloadable51-200
Amazon Game Studios?Mobile, Social?
Anomaly Labs (Tacoma)TechpocalypseSocial1-10
ArenaNet - NCsoft (Bellevue)Guild WarsPC201-500
AtomJackCodename: WaywardConsoles, PC1-10
Beep Industries (Bothell)Realms of Gold, Word SpiralDownloadable1-10
Big Fish GamesLarge library of casual web titlesWeb, Downloadable, Mobile201-500
BoomzapAntique Road Trip, OtherworldPC, Mobile1-10
Brethren Entertainment (Everett)Christian titlesPC?
Bungie (Bellevue)Halo, MarathonConsoles, PC201-500
Carbon Games (Bellevue)AirMechWeb, PC1-10
Cascade Game Foundry?Simulation1-10
CatDaddy Games (Kirkland)Carnival GamesConsoles, Handhelds11-50
CloakWorks InteractiveShroud Cloth Simulation EngineTools1-10
Detonator GamesNoah's Ark, DetoNationSocial, Mobile1-10
Digital Chocolate - Sandlot Studios (Bothell)Cake ManiaDownloadable, Web11-50
Digital Eel (Kirkland)Data Jammers, Soup du JourPC, Mobile1-10
DoubleBear ProductionsDead StatePC1-10
Double Down InteractiveDouble Down CasinoCasino, Mobile?
DreamBox (Bellevue)Educational SoftwareEducational11-50
En Masse EntertainmentTERA (Publishing)Publishing51-200
FlowPlayourWorld, downWorldWeb11-50
Flying Lab SoftwarePirates of the Burning Sea, Upper Deck UPC51-200
Fuel Cell GamesInsanely Twisted Shadow PlanetDownloadable1-10
Fun BitsEscape PlanHandhelds, Downloadable11-50
GameHouseLarge library of casual GamesWeb, PC51-200
Glu Mobile (Kirkland)?Mobile?
Good Science Studios - Microsoft (Redmond)Kinect Adventures, Kinect Fun LabsConsoles51-200
Guppy Games (Bellevue)Tank Wars, Cubetrix ChaosMobile11-50
Harebrained Schemes (Kirkland)Shadowrun: DragonfallPC11-50
Her InteractiveNancy Drew, Hardy BoysPC11-50
Hidden Path Entertainment (Bellevue)Defense Grid: You Monster, Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveDownloadable11-50
HipSoft (Redmond)Shop it Up, Build-a-lotWeb, PC1-10
Leviathan GamesLicensed TitlesContract Development1-10
Linden LabSecond LifeVirtual Worlds?
Microsoft (Redmond)Xbox 360, KinectCorporate Headquarters500+
Monolith (Kirkland)Gotham City Imposters, FEARConsoles, PC51-200
NCsoft West?Operations, PC?
Nintendo of America (Redmond)North American OperationsConsoles, Handheld, Operations500+
PopCap GamesBejewled, Plants vs. ZombiesWeb, Downloadable, Mobile201-500
PressOk EntertainmentGin Rummy, Fantasy DateMobile1-10
Runic GamesTorchlightPC, Mac11-50
Screenlife GamesScene It?Consoles, Mobile, DVD51-200
Signal Studios (Kirkland)Toy SoldiersDownloadable11-50
Smashing IdeasStunt Bugs, Polar Bear PaybackMobile51-200
Snowblind Studios (Kirkland)Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Champions of NorrathConsoles, PC51-200
Spiderweb SoftwareAvernum, AvadonPC, Mac1-10
Spry Fox (Juanita)Triple Town, Panda PoetMobile1-10
Strange Loop GamesVesselPC1-10
Sucker Punch Productions (Bellevue)Infamous, Sly CooperConsoles51-200
Sunleaf Studios (Redmond)PandandaWeb?
Torpex Games (Redmond)Bejeweled Blitz LIVE!, SchizoidDownloadable1-10
Turn 10 Studios - Microsoft (Redmond)Forza MotorsportConsoles51-200
Uber Entertainment (Kirkland)Monday Night CombatDownloadable11-50
Undead LabsClass3 (code name)Downloadable11-50
Valcon Games (Bellevue)Adventures of Shuggy, The BaconingPublishing?
Valkyrie EntertainmentCrackdown (contract), Infamous 2 (contract)Contract Art Services11-50
Valve (Bellevue)Half-Life, Portal, SteamPC201-500
Wargaming Mobile (name TBD)?Mobile?
Wargaming Seattle (Redmond)?PC51-200
WB Games (Kirkland)?Consoles, PC?
Wild Tangent (Redmond)Casual Game PortalWeb?
Wizards of the Coast (Renton)Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and DragonsDownloadable, Table Top51-200
Z2LiveBattle Nations, Trade NationsMobile11-50
ZhurosoftKingdoms of Zenia, Monster KingdomMobile1-10
Zombie StudiosBlacklight RetributionConsoles, PC, Contract Services51-200
Zynga SeattleZynga Ad PlatformSocial?

Seattle is also home to several game-centric schools, conferences, and other organizations.

References:  Wikipedia (game company list), GameDevMap, Linkedin, studio pages

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    Got some inside scoop from Sucker Punch, Microsoft and Bungie – post updated.

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    Lots of studio counts updated – got some great inside info!

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    Removed Gastronaut Studios from the list.  Looks like the Small Arms developer was acquired by Popcap several years ago.

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    Added CloakWorks Interactive, which relocated from Chicago.

  • Ashley

    Snowblind merged identities with Monolith back in 2011.

  • Ashley

    This is an awesome resource. =) Thanks for compiling it all!

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    Thanks, Ashley. I updated their location to Kirkland. It looks like Snowblind still operates as a distinct studio in the WB Games family. Do they share studio space with Monolith?

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    You also might want to add the Academy of Interactive Entertainment beside Digipen there about schools offering game design degrees.

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    Added Strange Loop Games.

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    Made a few updates that involve Wargaming.net. First, Wargaming took over Gas Powered Games and rebranded it Wargaming Seattle. Also added the newly announced “Wargaming Mobile” – the official studio name has not yet been decided.

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    Hi Paul–

    Nice list! What about Paizo/Goblinworks? They are in Redmond/Renton…

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    Don’t forget about Zhurosoft! Local company in Pioneer Square. Currently looking to hire for multiple positions! http://zhurosoft.com/

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    Removed U4ia Games from the list, they have officially shut down.

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    Guppy Games has become Guppy Media and they have a new site. I wondered why they were showing off flip phone games.

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    NCsoft West leads to a broken link, SIgnal Studios has moved from Bothell to Kirkland, Smith & Tinker leads to a broken link, WXP Games leads to a broken link, and Zynga Seattle recently closed down.

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    Thanks, Mmmm. Removed Smith and Tinker and WXP – saw confirmation that both of those studios were closed. Updated the location on Signal Studios. For now, changed the link on NCsoft West to the NCsoft homepage. They might not have that downtown Seattle location anymore, it doesn’t seem to be listed on their jobs page. I need to confirm where they’re at, and what they’re calling that studio.

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    “Gaming” refers to Gambling in some circles and would be misinterpreted. This should say “Video Game Development”.
    How to Create Games App

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    Airtight Games has shut down – R.I.P.

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    This list is missing 17-BIT and Harebrained Schemes.

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    Not anymore! Thanks for the heads up, Paul.

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    Another one I think deserves to be on here is called Flexasoft, based in Redmond, Washington. They recruit quality assurance game testers and contract them out to local Seattle game companies. Says they have 51-200 employees according to their LinkedIn profile.

  • Paul Canniff

    Also Penny Arcade, Inc. should arguably be included even though they are more “online media”, everything they do is gaming related. They own PAX, the largest gaming convention in North America, and Child’s Play, the largest gaming charity in North America, and they have millions of followers worldwide. Their company has 11-50 employees in the Seattle area.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Hey Paul – I checked them out, and I think I’ll leave them out. It looks like their focus is more on general software QA, not necessarily game specific.

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    I’ll add PA to the “other” section at the bottom of the page. Definitely worth mentioning!

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    Amazing Society is no more. The name is owned by Gazillion and they are located in San Mateo.

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    Removed, thanks for the heads up.

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    List is missing Motiga, located in Bellevue :)