Local Video Game Companies – San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is arguably the epicenter of the game development universe. This number of studios and jobs in the Bay area is large (and constantly fluctuating), and it includes studios that do just about every type of game development imaginable. AAA development? Localization of obscure Japanese titles? Hardcore social games? Educational mobile apps? Major industry conferences? All of the above, and that barely scratches the surface. If something is happening in the games industry, you can bet that it’s happening in some way, shape or form in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area includes a few major cities and several smaller towns. For the purposes of this list, it stretches from about Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa.

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2D Boy (Novato)World of GooDownloadable, Mobile1-10
2K Games (Novato)Corporate OfficeManagement?
2K Marin (Novato)Bioshock 2Consoles, PC?
2K Sports - Visual Concepts (Novato)NBA 2K SeriesConsoles51-200
6wavesAstro Garden, TownshipSocial?
Action Button Entertainment (Oakland)Ziggurat, VideoballMobile1-10
Aeria Games (Santa Clara)Eden Eternal, ShaiaPC, Web, Mobile201-500
Agetec (Sunnyvale)Way of the SamuraiConsoles, Handheld?
Atakama LabsLittle Cave HeroSocial11-50
Autumn Moon Entertainmen (Peteluma)Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, Vampyre StoryMobile, PC?
Backbone Entertainment (Emeryville)Rock Band 3 (Wii)Consoles, Downloadable51-200
Big Fish - Self Aware Games Studio (Oakland)Big Fish Casino, FleckMobile11-50
BiowareDragon Age LegendsSocial, Web?
Blue Shift (Mountain View)Luminati Rendering EngineTools11-50
Breaktime StudiosSweet Shop, Pocket PotionsMobile11-50
Campo Santo??1-10
Capcom (San Mateo)?Consoles, Handhelds?
Chronic Logic (Santa Cruz)Bridge Construction SetPC1-10
CrowdparkBet Tycoon, Pet VegasSocial11-50
Crowdstar (Burlingame)Modern Girl, Tower TownMobile, Social51-200
Cryptic Sea (Santa Cruz)Somnia, A New ZeroPC1-10
Cryptic Studios (San Jose)Champions Online, City of HeroesPC51-200
Crystal Dynamics (Menlo Park)Tomb Raider, Legacy of KainConsoles, Handhelds, PC51-200
Digital Chocolate (San Mateo)Galaxy Life, Gangs of BoomtownSocial, Web?
Digital Praise (Fremont)Dance Praise, Amazing BibleReligious Games11-50
Disney Interactive (Palo Alto)?Mobile, Social201-500
Double FineBrutal Legend, Psychonauts, Costume QuestConsoles, Downloadable51-200
EA (Redwood Shores)Involved in all EA titlesOperations - World Headquarters500+
EA PopcapPlants vs. Zombies AdventuresSocial11-50
Exit GamesPhoton Network EngineTools11-50
FableLabsNerd Detective, Like HellMobile11-50
Free Range Games (Sausalito)FreeFallSocial11-50
Frogster AmericaRunes of MagicPC?
FunMobility (Pleasanton)Narlii's Four Score, Zombie HunterMobile51-200
FunzioCrime City, Modern WarMobile, Social51-200
Gaijin GamesBit.Trip.BeatMobile, Downloadable?
Gameloft?Mobile, Social?
Gazillion Entertainment (San Mateo)Super Hero Squad OnlineWeb201-500
GenPlay Games (San Jose)Pro Dominoes Online, MuncherMobile11-50
Glu (San Mateo)Blood & Glory, Contract Killers - ZombiesMobile?
Graffiti Entertainment (Redwood City)High Tech RacingMobile, Downloadable?
Gravity Bear (Emeryville)Battle PunksSocial1-10
Hands-On MobileDeadliest Catch, COPSMobile11-50
Hexify (Mountain View)Journey of Moses, Legend HunterSocial11-50
HopeLab (Palo Alto)Zamzee, Re-MissionGamification11-50
HumaNature Studios (Albany)Deko-Deko MailSocial1-10
Hypnos Entertainment (San Jose)Contract work on many titlesContract services11-50
Idle GamesIdle WorshipSocial51-200
Ignite Game TechnologiesSimracewayWeb?
IGG (Fremont)?Web, PC11-50
IMVU (Palo AltoVirtual chat roomsSocial51-200
Interbang EntertainmentSuper Comboman, Shinobi Ninja AttacksMobile?
Iron RealmsAchaea, ImperionWeb1-10
iWinCasual game platformWeb51-200
Joju (Berkeley)Bobby Nutcase series, Bubble AtlantisWeb?
KabamKingdoms of CamelotSocial201-500
KixeyeWar Commander, Battle PiratesSocial51-200
KlickNationBusiness Development for KlickNationSocial?
Konami (Redwood City)North American publishing of Konami titlesOperations?
KRU Interactive (Santa Clara)Nexus TK, Shattered GalaxyPC?
Last Day of WorkVirtual Villagers series, Virtual FamiliesPC, Mac, Mobile1-10
Lazy 8 StudiosCogsPC, Mobile1-10
LeapFrog (Emeryville)Educational software and hardwareEducational201-500
Linden LabSecond LifeVirtual Worlds?
Loot Drop (San Bruno)Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon CommanderSocial11-50
Machine Zone (Palo Alto)Original Gangstaz, Global WarMobile51-200
Mastiff GamesReload, Heavy Fire AfghanistanConsoles, Handhelds1-10
Maxis (Emeryville)The Sims, Sim CityPC, Consoles51-200
MeezMeez NationSocial11-50
Metro Games (Mountain View)Coco Girl, Auto HustleSocial, Mobile51-200
Mighty PlayLicensed titlesMobile, Web1-10
MunkyFunBounty Bots, My HorseMobile11-50
Namco Bandai (Santa Clara)Tekken, PAC-MANConsoles, Handhelds, Mobile201-500
Natsume (Burlingame)Harvest Moon, Reel FishingConsoles, Handhelds51-200
ngmoco:)We Farm, RolandoMobile51-200
nStigate (Novato)?Mobile51-200
Number NoneBraidDownloadable1-10
OutsparkFiesta, LuviniaPC, Web11-50
Perfect World (Foster City)Legend of Martial Arts, Perfect World seriesPC51-200
Planet Moon StudiosDrawn to Life, Armed and DangerousConsoles500+
PlayFirstDiner Dash, ChocolatierMobile, PC, Online51-200
Playfish USA?Social?
Pocket GemsTap Paradise Cove, Tap SafariMobile51-200
Quark Games (Cupertino)Champs BattlegroundsMobile11-50
Red Robot Labs (Palo Alto)Life is Crime, Forever DriveMobile11-50
Redbana (San Mateo)Hellgate, AuditionWeb11-50
Robot Invader (Mountain View)Wind-up KnightMobile?
Rocket NinjaWrestler UnstoppableSocial11-50
RockYou (Redwood City)Zoo World, Galactic AlliesSocial51-200
Rumble Games (Redwood City)Kings RoadSocial, Mobile11-50
Sanzaru Games (Foster City)Mystery Case Files, The Sly FilesConsoles11-50
SecretBuilders (San Mateo)SecretBuildersVirtual Worlds?
Social Gaming Network (Palo Alto)Jewels of the Amazon, Bubble AtlantisSocial, Mobile51-200
SilverTree Media (Palo Alto)Cordy Sky, Pixie HollowMobile, Web11-50
Skunk StudiosDaily Mah Jong, Flux Family SecretsWeb, Mobile11-50
Slang (Redwood City)?Consoles?
Sledgehammer Games (Foster City)Call of DutyConsoles51-200
Sony Computer Entertainment (Foster City)OperationsOperations500+
Sourcebits?Contract development11-50
SpyraGlobal AttackMobile11-50
StickeryMermaid WatersMobile1-10
Storm8 (Redwood City)World War, Pets LiveMobile201-500
Stupid Fun Club (Berkeley)??1-10
Super Evil Megacorp (San Mateo)VaingloryMobile11-50
Supergiant GamesBastionDownloadable1-10
Tecmo Koei AmericaPublishing of Tecmo and Koei titlesPublishing, Localization?
Telltale Games (San Rafael)The Walking Dead, Sam and MaxEpisodic Games, PC51-200
Three RingsDoctor Who - Worlds in Time, Spiral KnightsWeb11-50
TikGames (San Mateo)Gold Fever, Scary GirlMobile, Downloadable, Handheld51-200
Tin Truck (San Mateo)Grem LegendsMobile1-10
Tintash (Palo Alto)Lonely Planet - Globetripper, StickcricketMobile?
Tiny SpeckGlitchWeb11-50
Toys for Bob (Novato)Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureConsoles, Handhelds51-200
Trion Worlds (Redwood City)RIFTPC, Operations?
UbisoftRocksmith, Just DanceConsoles, Handhelds?
Unknown WorldsNatural SelectionPC, Tools1-10
Vector Unit (San Rafael)Shine Runner, Riptide GPMobile1-10
Virtual Space Environment (San Rafael)Varis RiftVirtual Worlds?
Visceral Games (Redwood Shores)Dead Space, Dante's InfernoConsoles, PC51-200
Wolfire Games (Berkeley)Overgrowth, LugaruPC, Mac, Mobile1-10
ZyngaFarmvilleOperations, Social500+

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