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The game industry in Raleigh is actually spread across 3 cities – Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. These cities, and their surrounding suburbs, make up the Research Triangle Park. The Triangle, as the area is known, is home to a large contingent of technology companies, as well as 3 major universities. Duke, UNC and NC State are all located in the region, and help provide game developers in the area with a steady stream of new talent.

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BitMonster Games (Cary)LiliMobile1-10
Boss Key ProductionsProject Blue StreakPC11-50
Elephant Mouse (Cary)Lil' Birds, ArchetypeMobile?
Epic GamesGears of War, Unreal EngineConsoles, PC, Tools51-200
FuncomThe Secret World, Age of Conan, Anarchy OnlineConsoles, PC11-50
iEntertainment Network (Cary)WarBirds, M4 Tank BrigadePC11-50
Imangi StudiosTemple RunMobile, PC11-50
Insomniac Games (Durham)?Consoles11-50
Mighty Rabbit (Cary)Breach & Clear, Saturday Morning RPGMobile, Consoles, PC1-10
Puny HumanBlade Symphony, DystopiaPC1-10
Red Storm Entertainment (Morrisville)Rainbow 6, Ghost ReconConsoles, PC51-200
Spark Plug Games (Cary)Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower, Puzzle Quest 2PC, Mac, Mobile11-50
Vicious Cycle (Chapel Hill)Ben 10 Galactic Racing, Vicious EngineTools, Consoles, Handhelds?
Virtual Heroes (Cary)America's ArmySerious Games11-50

Cost of Living Comparison – Check out how living in Raleigh compares to four other game development hubs:


Other Organizations:

References:  Wikipedia (game company list), IGDA TriangleGameDevMap, Linkedin, studio pages

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    BitMonster Games was added to the list.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/zhan.ye Zhan Ye

    Why are you listing Atomic games here? I checked their web page it says they are in MN.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Atomic is owned by Destineer, which is in Minnesota. As far as I can tell, Atomic is still in Raleigh. Check out their LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/company/atomic-games

  • heavychevy

    Why is there a question mark under “notable games” for Insomniac? Does the creator of this page really not aware of Insomniac’s work?

  • heavychevy

    Oops, *Is* the creator….

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    These lists are focused on individual studios, not the parent companies. If you see a major developer or publisher with a ?, it’s usually because they have multiple studios. Insomniac has their headquarters in Burbank, and I’ve never been able to find what specific titles the Durham location works on. They could assist with all major Insomniac titles, or they could be focused solely on tools, mobile titles, etc. Unless I’m sure, I leave it blank.

  • David Hunter III

    Epic Games! thats cool…have you gamers heard about the platform that will be launching earning gamers $2000 a week? check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm5sNyep3sE

  • Andy Hunt

    I know the Durham office did a lot of work on the Ratchet & Clank titles.

  • Andy Hunt

    Villain is now called Elephant Mouse – http://www.elephantmouse.com/

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Thanks, Andy! I just updated that listing.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Cool. Do you have friends working there?

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Removed Fiveonenine Games, they appear to be closed.

  • Mighty Rabbit Studios

    Atomic Games is no longer in the area and have been gone since 2011. We actually got our desks from their office fire sale – it’s odd that all these years later they still haven’t announced the closure.

    If you can add Mighty Rabbit Studios (www.mightyrabbitstudios.com) to the list that would be great – we’ve got 7 employees and are based in Cary, NC. We previously focused on mobile but our latest project is targeted at consoles and PC.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Thanks for the confirmation on Atomic, they’ve been removed. I also added Mighty Rabbit, as well as Cliffy B’s new studio, Boss Key!

  • Xexanos

    I think the notable project listing for Funcom is wrong.
    AFAIK they didn’t work on either of these titles.
    The Durham office focuses on The Secret World, Age of Conan and Anarchy Online (again, AFAIK).

  • LeakyLips

    Digitalcade is in Morrisville, NC. Rumor is they just received a funding round. Another rumor is they are focused on cross-platform monetization tools for game developers and that they also have three employees.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Added headcount info for Boss Key. Their site shows that they’re in the 11-50 range.

  • Ib

    Insomniac Games created the Ratchet and Clank series which was popular in the 90s.

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  • far cry 4 on ps3

    what games do they make

  • far cry 4 on ps3

    so do they make rated M games
    please tell me

  • Joshua Thompson

    Hey I’m not sure if this is where I would post this question but I’m about to move to Raleigh and I need to find work there that will be flexible with the possible travel needs with my position on an E-Sports team. In other words a job that I can work and not have to be worried about getting fired if I am asked or required to travel to cover an event.

  • Puny Human

    Could you add Puny Human to this list? (http://www.punyhuman.com) We have 7 employees, and are in Raleigh, NC. Our last two projects have all been for PC, with our newest intended for PC/Mac/Linux

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Added! Thanks for letting us know.

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