Local Video Game Companies – Montreal

Montreal has exploded over the past several years and has established itself as a game development hub.  Enticed by generous tax subsidies provided by the Quebec government, several major game companies have opened large studios in the city.  The incentives can cover up to 37.5 percent of labor costs, which can make an incredible difference when AAA game budgets can run tens of millions of dollars.  Leading developers like EA, Ubisoft, and most recently Bethesda all have a presence in Montreal.

It’s not just the number of game companies that makes Montreal compelling – the size of several of those studios mean that there are thousands of game jobs in the area.

If we’ve got current job listings in Montreal, they’ll be listed here:  Montreal Video Game Jobs

Behaviour (formerly A2M)Wipeout, Puffle Launch, TransformersConsoles201-500
Bethesda Game Studios Montreal?Mobile, PC, Consoles11-50
Bioware MontrealMass EffectConsoles, PC?
CyanideGame of Thrones, Confrontation, Blood BowlConsoles, PC11-50
DistrictWareAlliance WarfarePC1-10
Double StallionOK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo!Mobile, PC1-10
DTI SoftwareIn-Flight GamesCasual51-200
EA Mobile (Playing Mantis)ScrabbleMobile?
Eidos MontrealDeus Ex, Thief 4Consoles, PC201-500
Fugitive InteractiveRally ManiaMobile?
Funcom MontrealThe Secret World, Age of ConanPC?
Gameloft MontrealAsphaltMobile, Social201-500
GamerizonChop Chop SeriesMobile11-50
Hibernum CreationsHum a Song, BlockoliciousSocial51-200
iLLOGIKASubaeriaPC, VR, Mobile11-50
Kitfox GamesShattered Planet, Moon HuntersPC1-10
KutokaMia Learning CollectionEducational11-50
LudiaPrice is Right, Family FeudMobile, Web, Console, PC51-200
MinoritySpirits of Spring, Papo & YoyoMobile, Downloadable1-10
Mistic SoftwareBackyard Baseball, Hell's KitchenHandheld?
Motive StudiosStar WarsConsoles, PC?
NDi MediaDetective One, Virtual World of MusicWeb, Casual?
SarbakanCaptain America, Lazy RaidersWeb, Downloadable, Mobile?
Sava TransmediaFlip Chip Poker, Treasure Tower SprintMobile11-50
Square Enix MontrealLara Croft GO, Hitman GOMobile11-50
Strategy FirstDisciples, Jagged Alliance, Space EmpirePC?
Tribal NovaWoozworld, Busytown MysteriesEducational?
Ubisoft MontrealAssassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, Far CryConsoles, PC500+
Warner Bros. Games MontrealBatman Arkham OriginsConsoles, PC201-500

Who am I missing?  Do you know the answer to any of the question marks I’ve got in there?  Add a note in the comments and I’ll update the table.

Thanks to GameDevMap, GamesMontreal, Wikipedia, loads of studio pages

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Help us fill in some of the missing headcount info for Montreal!  Comment or e-mail us (admin@gamejobhunter.com) if you have any info.

  • Ginofavara

    Isnt Ubisoft Montreal more around 2000 employees?

  • Ginofavara
  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Yeah.  500+ is the largest category we currently use.  We might update at some point, because there are a few other studios (like Zynga SF and EA Canada) that are much larger.

  • http://www.greg-ry.blogspot.com/ Greg-ry

    There’s a studio called Beenox in Quebec City…www.beenox.com

  • Alex

    cyanide montreal is like 15 ppl at the most

  • Vladimir H.

    A couple o studios I came across doing my research not on the list:



    Gamerizon Studio Inc

    Sava Transmedia

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Thanks, Vladimir! These studios have been added.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Montreal list updated with 3 new studios – Hibernum, Odd1 and Sava Transmedia. Also adjusted a few headcounts.

  • Mtl gamer

    Is Ea and Ea mobile still around? I would think Ea/visceral is shut dow at least. Funcom is less than 100 probably around 60 since their layoffs.

  • Mtl gamer

    Also Dti is very small, no way as large as 200. Size is around 50.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    It does appear that Visceral is closed. EA Mobile is still listed on the EA corporate site, so it appears that they still have a presence in area. Not sure if there are still 2 separate EA studios. According to the Wiki entry there are, but not sure how old that is.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    I based that on what they’ve got listed on their LInkedIn profile – 51-200 employees.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    I am having trouble confirming that headcount info for either of the EA locations. Might have to switch that back to a ?.

  • MSined

    Aren’t the Batman games made by WB Montreal?

  • Pascal

    EA Montrea lArmy of Two Consoles/PC 200+ Is gone

    and Ankama is a new french studio

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Hi Pascal – is that official? I see EA still has a Montreal location listed on their site. Is that just EA Mobile at this point?

  • Pascal

    In fact I write a bite to quikly. Visceral is close for sur. Bioware stil there, for EA mobile i’m not 100% sur but i think they are always there but you should double Check.
    It´s in french but this give you more info on what append to the visceral studio and what they do for bioware and EA mobile

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Thanks, Pascal! I also found some additional sources. It’s not entirely clear how many employees EA has left in the area. It does appear that there is still some number of EA Mobile (now called Playing Mantis) staff. I removed EA Montreal and left EA Mobile, but I removed the head count information.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Also added Ankama to the list.

  • Roz

    Was Rival Knights created at Gameloft Montreal

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Made a few adjustments to the list. Added game and headcount information for WB Montreal. Removed Odd1, as their link was dead.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Kitfox Games added, and Polytron removed.

  • Eddy

    Hi, could you remove Hemisphere Games from this list please? We’re no longer in Montreal; we’ve moved to Nelson, BC. We regularly get emails from folks looking for work due to this list. Thanks!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Done! Sorry about that, Eddy!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Removed Trapdoor, Inc – their site is dead.

  • jonathon

    hi i’m doing a report on gaming developers and wandering where could i set up shop

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  • Siomar01

    Square Enix Montreal – They Created Lara Croft GO, Hitman Sniper, and Hitman GO, Their main focus is mobile

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Got them added – thanks.

  • Kim

    Nvizzio Créations Inc. is now 50+ employees, working on franchise like RollerCoaster Tycoon World, ROKH and other unannounced projects.

  • Gosane

    Thanks for the list. You could add RoofDog Games, a small Mobile Game company. http://www.roofdog.ca/ On Plateau Mont-Royal (Mont-Royal Metro)