Local Video Game Companies – Los Angeles Area

Calling this list the “Los Angeles” list isn’t really fair. The number of video game studios surrounding the Los Angeles/Orange County area is vast, and it includes smaller cities that could probably argue for a list of their own. We tried to keep the list limited to companies that were within an hour or so of Los Angeles, but there are probably a few outliers.

Top-tier studios like Activision, Blizzard and Naughty Dog have their headquarters here, and other major companies like EA and Sony have a large presence in the area.  In addition to these big names, there is a growing collection of indie studios who make their home here.

Here is our list of game developers operating in and around LA. If we’re missing anyone, let us know. We’ve got more information below the list!

Remember to check out our job listings to see if there are any openings in the LA area.

Activision (Santa Monica)Corporate HeadquartersOperations?
Aksys Games (Torrance)Shifting World, Virtue's Last RewardLocalization11-50
Alchemic Productions (Moorpark)Clive Barker's JerichoContract Services1-10
Amazon Game Studios (Irvine)?Mobile, Social?
Atlus (Irvine)Game of Thrones, PersonaLocalization, Consoles, Handhelds11-50
Autumn GamesSkullgirls (published)Publishing?
Bad Juju (Aliso Viejo)The MooniacsMobile11-50
Beachhead Studio (Santa Monica)Call of Duty EliteWeb11-50
Blendo GamesZombie Atom Smasher, FlotillaPC, Mac1-10
Blind Squirrel GamesSid Meier's Civilization V (contract), Frozen OverContract Services11-50
Blizzard Entertainment (Irvine)World of Warcraft, DiabloPC?
Buffalo Studios (Santa Monica)Bingo BlitzSocial?
Carbine Studios (Aliso Viejo)WildStarPC51-200
CelerisVirtual PoolPC, Mobile?
Cloud Imperium Games (West Hollywood)Star CitizenPC?
Coresoft (Lake Forest)Blood Beach, Butterfly GardenConsoles, Mobile, Downloadable11-50
D3PublisherMadagascar 3, BEN 10Consoles, Handhelds?
DICE LABattlefieldConsoles, PC51-200
Disney Interactive Studios (Burbank)Where's My Water?Consoles, Handhelds, Mobile?
Double Helix Games (Irvine)Green Lantern - Rise of the Manhunters, Front Mission EvolvedConsoles51-200
Downsized GamesBulleTrainMobile1-10
EA Los AngelesMedal of Honor, Command & ConquerConsoles, PC?
EXACT EntertainmentAbuse, Call of Duty: World at War (Wii)Consoles, Mobile?
F84 Games (North Hollywood)Man vs. Wild The Game, DingerConsoles, Mobile, Social?
FarSight Studios (Big Bear Lake)Pinball Hall of Fame, Backyard BaseballConsoles11-50
FLARBBrick Buddies, BraveBalls!Mobile, Social?
Foundation 9 Entertainment (Irvine)Company HeadquartersOperations?
Funtactix (Marina Del Ray)?Social?
G1M2 (Irvine)?Contract Services1-10
GameResort (Claremont)Stupid Zombies, Stupid NinjasMobile?
GAMEVIL (Torrance)Baseball Superstars, ILLUSIAMobile, Social?
Giant Sparrow (Santa Monica)The Unfinished SwanDownloadable11-50
Haunted Temple StudiosSkulls of the Shogun!Downloadable1-10
Heavy Iron StudiosUFC Trainer, WALL-EConsoles51-200
High Impact Games (Burbank)GOGO Fishing, Dreamworks Super Star KartzConsoles, Mobile11-50
Infinity Ward (Encino)Call of DutyConsoles, PC51-200
Inhance GamesCannon Challenge, ShoozMobile11-50
Insomniac Games (Burbank)Resistance, Ratchet & ClankConsoles51-200
inXile entertainment (Newport Beach)Wasteland 2, Choplifter HDPC, Downloadable, Consoles11-50
Isopod Labs??11-50
K2 Network (Irvine)GamersFirst portalWeb, PC?
Knowledge Adventure (Torrance)Math Blaster, Jump StartEducational51-200
Konami (El Segundo)?Consoles, PC, Handhelds?
LanternFrost Wars??
Left Field Productions (Ventura)Battle Poker, Nitro BikeConsoles, PC11-50
Legacy InteractiveCriminal Minds, Ghost WhispererMobile, Social, PC11-50
Liquid Entertainment (Agoura Hills)Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter, Battle RealmsSocial, Consoles, Web?
Magic Pixel GamesCarnival IslandConsoles11-50
Mention Mobile (Torrance)Trivia Friends, DoodleyMobile1-10
Naked Sky EntertainmentTwister Mania, MicrobotPC, Downloadable11-50
Naughty Dog (Santa Monica)Uncharted, Crash BandicootConsoles51-200
Nexon (El Segundo)?Web?
NHN Entertainment Labs (Santa Monica)?Mobile11-50
NicalisRock Revolution Mobile, Cave Story (contract)Mobile, Downloadable1-10
Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group (Glendale)NeopetsVirtual Worlds, Web?
NIS America (Santa Ana)Disgaea 3, Mugen SoulsLocalization?
Nix HydraEgg BabyMobile11-50
NovaLogic (Calabasas)Delta Force, Joint OperationsPC51-200
Obsidian Entertainment (Irvine)Dungeon Siege III, Alpha ProtocolConsoles, PC51-200
Papaya Studio (Irvine)Toy Story Mania, George of the JungleConsoles11-50
Quicksilver Entertainment (Irvine)Educational, MilitarySerious Games11-50
Ready at Dawn Studios (Irvine)God of War: Ghost of Sparta, God of War: Chains of OlympusHandhelds, Consoles11-50
Realtime AssociatesRe-Mission, Intellivision Lives!Consoles, PC?
Red 5 Studios (Aliso Viejo)FirefallWeb11-50
Reload Studios?VR1-10
Respawn EntertainmentUnannouncedConsoles51-200
Reverge Labs (Marina Del Ray)SkullgirlsDownloadable11-50
Riot Games (Santa Monica)League of LegendsPC500+
Robotoki (Sherman Oaks)Human Element, Adventures of DashPC, Consoles, Mobile11-50
Savage EntertainmentMavel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PSP), Rock Revolution (PS3)Handhelds, Consoles11-50
ScopelyThe Walking Dead: Road to Survival, Yahtzee With BuddiesMobile51-200
Seismic GamesCelebrity Me, Hooray for HollywoodSocial1-10
SNK Playmore (Torrance)Sales of SNK Playmore titlesSales?
Sony Santa MonicaGod of WarConsoles, External Collaboration201-500
Square Enix, Inc. (El Segundo)Publishing of Square Enix titlesPublishing?
Subdued Software (Santa Ana)Magnetic Joe, Hidden PhotoHandhelds11-50
SuperBot Entertainment (Culver City)UnannouncedConsoles51-200
Tarver GamesGhosts AttackMobile1-10
thatgamecompanyJourney, FlowerDownloadable11-50
Tic Toc GamesLyric LegendMobile, Contract Services11-50
Treyarch (Santa Monica)Call of Duty Black Ops, Spider-ManConsoles201-500
Turtle Rock Studios (Lake Forest)Left 4 DeadPC11-50
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Burbank)Operations, SalesHeadquarters?
Wayforward Technologies (Valencia)A Boy and His Blob, Contra 4Handhelds, Downloadable, Consoles51-200
WhiteMoon DreamsPlanet Legend, WARMACHINEWeb11-50
The Workshop (Marina Del Ray)SorceryConsoles?
X-Ray Kid (Newport Beach)Google Lively (contract)Contract Services?
Zindagi Games (Camarillo)Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, Sports ChampionsConsoles51-200

Cost of Living Comparison – Check out how living in/near LA compares to four other game development hubs:


Other Organizations and Schools:

Thanks to IGDA Los Angeles, IGDA Orange CountyGameDevMap, Linkedin, Wikipedia, loads of studio pages

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    Added The Wilderness and Lantern.

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    Thanks so much for this.  As a 3d artist new to the LA area, this is great.

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    A little late, but removed THQ.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Added DICE LA to the list. Put them in at 51-200, based on all of the reports that they are hiring for 60 spots. I haven’t been able to confirm whether or not Danger Close is still open, so I left them on the list. If anyone has any information on that, please add a comment.

  • Deth

    What about Robotoki? http://www.robotoki.com They’re in Sherman Oaks.

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    Added Robotoki.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Got them added. Thanks!

  • DMHollis

    Hey, because you put a ‘?’ In the field, just wanted to let you know that 2K is most notable for Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 2. http://www.2kgames.com/

    Other than that, thanks so much for putting this list together. ;)

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    Danger Close is officially closed. Removed them from the list.

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    Los Angeles is a HUGE city. It would be awesome to see what area of LA each studio resides. Some of these studios are many hours from each other.

  • Tom

    Just realized you’re trying to do just that on the left there.. I should read before I post.

  • Rob

    Trilogy Studios is Closed- i was the Art Director over there

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    Yep, looks like the link is also dead. I’ll remove it – thanks for pointing it out, Rob.

  • Eriq

    Epicenter Studios link isn’t working for me

  • Sarah Phillips

    I looking for a company that needs children age 7 years old to test there product. Where do I start to look?

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    Yeah, looks like Epicenter is no longer in business. I’ve removed them from the list. Thanks, Eriq!

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    Deleted The Wilderness – the link was dead, and I couldn’t find any current information about the studio.

  • Mark H

    what happened? – my daughter misses the Harold and the Purple Crayon app

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    Added head count information for Sony Santa Monica.

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  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Added 2 locations for Amazon Game Studios (Irvine and Lake Forest). With the recent acquisition of Double Helix, they’ve got 3 locations in the area!

  • josh

    SGN (Social Gaming Network) has 50-100 people and is based in Beverly HIlls. Top titles include mobile social titles Panda Jam, Cookie Jam, Bingo Blingo and Panda Pop.

  • Werdsmith

    Paul, I just hopped on board at NHN Entertainment Labs in Santa Monica, and I’m heading up recruiting. I’d welcome a chance to get our name and brand amongst the masses. I’ll be looking to hire 25 – 30 people by year’s end. I’m following you on Twitter (@nhnrecruiting). Later, dude.

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    Feel free to add GungHo Online Entertainment America and Level-5 International America. Both are located in El Segundo. Both are small outfits 11-20.

  • Noël ILL

    2K moved to Nevada! and I believe they have another office up north, but no longer in L.A.

  • todd

    you can take robotoki off the list mate, closed its doors last week (newly unemployed here)

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Removed Spark Unlimited from the list, they have shut down.

  • SciFiGamer

    But you should add Reloaded Games in Huntington Beach ( http://www.reloadedinc.com ), officially with 50 to 149 employees ( http://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Reloaded-Games-EI_IE742860.11,25.htm ) for PC and Console.

  • SciFiGamer

    And you should remove Double Helix Games, and/or merge that into Amazon Game Studios: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/05/amazon-acquires-video-gaming-studio-double-helix-games/

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    Superbot and Subdued Software are gone.

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    DICE LA is Danger Close now.

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    Bingo Blingo is really an enjoyable game and we all enjoy it very much. For any help to move fast, we get help of gameskip.

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    Hi, I know this is 2 years late but… do you still work in recruiting?

  • Drew

    I do; however, That company is no longer in business. You can email me s_andrew27@yahoo.com

  • http://kimberlyluu.wordpress.com pistachiopalette

    Hi, I emailed you a couple days ago. Did you receive it? Just want to make sure!

  • Damien Hosea

    Beach head is also no more.

  • William Lewis

    Reload Studios has been renamed to Roqovan. The new website is roqovan.com. Their notable project is World War Toons. The studio size is now 11-50.

  • Andrew Micheal

    im in west LA with a game idea not sure if im in the right place but if anyone wants to help get someone interested or SECRETLY works for a videogame producing company or wants to continue this self sustaining of time usage project i started a year ago but just restumbled upon a small while ago let me know i will regret this 1-323-942-2518

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    We could remove more like Activision( merged with Infinity ward)

  • Calli

    Consider adding MIND Research Institute in Irvine, CA for their educational games, 51-200 employees.