Local Video Game Companies – Eugene

The Eugene game scene is interesting because it’s not initially obvious WHY there would be a bustling collection of developers in a relatively small northwest college town.  Several of the studios in the area can in some way trace their history back to Dynamix.  When Sierra shut them down in 2001, the ripple effect led to the creation of several new companies and studios.  Many of those studios are still in the area and doing well.  Garage Games was also a fairly large employer in Eugene before moving to Las Vegas in 2007.

Mad Otter GamesAce of AcesWeb1-10
PipeworksDeadliest Warrior, Wheel of FortuneConsoles, Downloadable11-50
Zynga Eugene (formerly Buzz Monkey)?Social, Mobile51-200
  • http://www.instantaction.com James Wiley

    Mad Otter is also based out of Eugene. They’re a bit newer and they’re working on some games on InstantAction. Ace of Aces and an MMO which hasn’t yet been released.

    Check ‘em out: http://www.madottergames.com/

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com hailpza

    Thanks, James – I’ll get them added to the list.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Buzz Monkey was acquired by Zynga.  I updated them to Zynga Eugene.