Local Video Game Companies – Dallas

The Dallas – Fort Worth area isn’t the largest gaming hub in Texas (that would be Austin), but it has recently seen impressive growth in the number of video game studios located in the area.  It features an active IGDA Chapter, and a top-notch game development school (SMU Guildhall).

Remember to check out our job listings to see if there are any openings in Dallas.

3D RealmsDuke NukemConsoles, PC11-50
Barking Lizards?Consoles, Handheld11-50
BlockdotLicensed Games/AppsMobile51-200
BonusXPCavemania, Monster CrewMobile?
Boss Fight Entertainment (McKinney)Dungeon BossMobile?
Bottle Rocket AppsLarge Variety of Apps and GamesMobile51-200
Controlled Chaos MediaThe Quest to Lava Mountain, Pocket FishMobile1-10
Escalation StudiosSplode, Midway ArcadeMobile11-50
Game CircusPrize ClawMobile Social1-10
Gearbox SoftwareBorderlands, Brothers in ArmsConsoles, PC51-200
idDoom, Quake, WolfensteinPC, Consoles51-200
Jovian MindsJungle King, Trouble in Tin TownMobile1-10
KingsIsle Entertainment Ltd.(Plano)Wizard101Web, PC11-50
Method SolutionsHigh Caliber HuntingMobile11-50
Mumbo JumboLarge Library of Casual GamesWeb51-200
Nerve SoftwareCall of Duty Black Ops, 007 Quantam of SolaceConsoles11-50
Perpetual FX CreativeGalactic BowlingDownloadable, Mobile?
Robot EntertainmentHero Academy, Orcs Must DieMobile11-50
Sickhead GamesArmed!, Torsion for Torque Game EngineMobile, Tools Development1-10
Soldak EntertainmentDin's CursePC?
Southpeak Games???
SpiderMonk EntertainmentRoogooConsoles, Handheld?
Triptych Games?Contract Services?
[x]cube LABSTap Zoo, Diner RushMobile201-500

Let me know if I’m missing anyone.

Thanks to GameDevMap, Linkedin, Wikipedia, loads of studio pages

  • Kyle


  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com hailpza

    Thanks for the catch, Kyle. Gearbox has been added.

  • Raven

    Not officially a “game school” but the University of North Texas has been offering game programming classes for a long time and has started offering certificates in game development this year.


  • robert

    UT Dallas has a game design degree as well

    their game student groups are ATSA and SGDA

  • http://www.allbinary.com Travis Berthelot

    I have 10 Android/J2ME/J2SE games:



  • http://www.allbinary.com Travis Berthelot

    That is to say AllBinary in Lewisville should be included.

  • Schnooogie

    Shouldn’t be added unless it’s a dev house, do you have employees?

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/eippolito Eric

    Don’t forget about Bottlerocketapps. http://Bottlerocketapps.com

  • Rosa

    I hear UTD and UNT have great video games development degrees, but if you can’t afford to go to a university Cedar Valley College has great degrees there as well.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com hailpza

    Hey Eric – I’ve got Bottle Rocket added to the list now.

  • http://www.blockdot.com Snake Plissken

    Blockdot, anyone?

  • Mary

    the UNT game program has now been ranked nationally among Top 50 by the princeton review, http://web3.unt.edu/news/story.cfm?story=11770

  • Rod

    DeVry in Irving has a Game and Simulation Programming Degree plan.

  • Hulberto

    Controlled Chaos Media
    New indie start-up focusing on mostly iPhone games.

    Robot Entertainment (in Plano)
    One of the studios borne out of the ashes of Ensemble

    And Zynga Dallas (used to be Bonfire Studios)

  • http://www.plumlife.com Regen

    Anyone know of any female game developers?

  • Silvester

    Can some one email me about any gaming jobs here in Dallas/Ft Worth? I been trying to get with any company to work and play/test games. My email is Silvester_db@yahoo.com

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com Paul Teall

    Just updated the Dallas page!

  • http://www.allbinary.com Travis Berthelot

    I was still not listed and I have >14 multi-platform games with >10 million plays last year.

    Here are some of the game on Android:


  • Travis Berthelot

    Multi-Player, 3D, Many Platforms, RTS, Action, Scrollers, and more.

  • Ashish M

    [x]cube Labs, Smartphone games.

  • Guesr

    Escalation Studios?

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    I’ll check them out today.  Thanks!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Escalation Studios and [x]cube LABS added.

  • Gregory Arce

    hi just looking for a job. are any of these places hiring?

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    I’d recommend clicking each studio’s link, and checking out their “Jobs” page to see if they have any openings.

  • http://post404.com/ Randall “texrat” Arnold

    Nice list. Note that I’m looking for Windows Phone developers in Texas– hit me up!

  • Ryan


  • la dee da

    The list is missing BonusXP. (www.bonusxp.com). They are a mobile studio (both iOS and Android) that created Cavemania and Monster Crew. I believe they employ between 11-50 people.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Added. Couldn’t find confirmation on the head count, so I left it blank (for now). Thanks, la dee da.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    R.I.P., Terminal Reality. They’ve been removed from the list.

  • Laura Jeffcoat

    Learn It Town, Learn It Town Spanish, Learn It Town English, Educational Games, Web, Apps, Contract Services; 11-50

  • Susan

    Nice list but you missed http://www.coppermobile.com

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Hi Susan – I checked out Copper Mobile. They look like an interesting company, but it looks like their focus is more on enterprise app development.

  • Susan

    Hi Paul Teall – Thanks to review my site. Yes, we are focusing on enterprise app development and we have a great team of mobile app developers too.

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  • Jarod

    Varia Games?

  • C38PO1996

    Playful corp with Lucky’s tale.

  • http://soappmedia.com/ SoAppMedia

    Nice list these video game companies in the list were awesome! they excel in different type of games that they develop sad to say some of the companies in this list had already closed due to management failures …