Local Video Game Companies – Baton Rouge

Like New Orleans, Baton Rouge is aggressively trying to make itself into a hub for game development.  The state of Louisiana developed tax credits to lure film makers to the region, and that effort has been hugely successful.  The tax credits were extended to all digital media companies, and Baton Rouge has been touting those in an effort to lure studios to the area.  A few developers have taken advantage of those credits, and we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if others follow suit.

Bit RaiderBit Raider ToolsTools11-50
EA (Testing Facility)QA for EA TitlesQA201-500
NerjyzedBlack College Football ExperienceConsoles11-50
Pixel Dash StudiosRoad Rash RedemptionMobile, Contract Services, PC1-10

The LGDI, an advocacy group focused on helping bring game development to Louisiana, is also located in Baton Rouge.

References:  LGDIGameDevMap, Linkedin

  • any

    the “EA (Testing Facility) link is actually going to bitraider (FYI)

  • Alexandra

    Pixel Dash is probably better known for Road Redemption now, I’m pretty sure Firebrand no longer has a BR location, and the LA Tech Park has 3 new game studios that aren’t listed here (see http://www.latechpark.com/who-we-are/clients).