Local Video Game Companies – Austin

Austin has had a thriving technology scene for many years, and companies like IBM, Dell and Google all have a presence in the area.  Austin is also one of the elite cities for video game development in North America.  The region is home to all types of game developers – AAA, PC/Mac, social, mobile and even casino games.  With all of the studios that call Austin home, the overall headcount in the city is high. The city is also home to a large number of developers, so expect a high level of competition for many of those positions.

Remember to check out our job listings to see if there are any openings in Austin.

Airship SyndicateBattleChasersConsoles, PC1-10
Arkane StudiosDishonered, Dark Messiah of Might and MagicConsoles, PC11-50
Armature StudioMetal Gear Solid HDHandheld, Consoles, PC11-50
ArtCraft EntertainmentCrowfall?11-50
AspyrCall of Duty series, Star Wars series, Duke Nukem ForeverMac Conversions51-200
Battlecry StudiosBATTLECRYPC?
Bioware AustinStar Wars: The Old RepublicPC201-500
Blank Media GamesTown of SalemPC1-10
BlizzardWorld of Warcraft, StarcraftCustomer service for Blizzard titles500+
Bluepoint GamesBlast Factor, God of War CollectionDownloadable, Consoles11-50
Boss Fight EntertainmentDungeon BossMobile?
Cadillac JackSlot MachinesCasino Games1-10
Certain AffinityAge of Booty, Crimson AllianceConsoles, Downloadable, Mobile51-200
Cloud Imperium GamesStar CitizenPC?
Critical Mass InteractiveBoondock Saints, Freaky PetsOutsourcing Solution11-50
Daybreak Game StudioDC Universe OnlinePC, Consoles?
Devlolver DigitalHotline Miami (published)Publisher, PC?
EA Austin - Sports???
EA PogoCasual web gamesWeb?
EA - WW Customer ServiceCustomer service for EA titlesCustomer service?
Edge of RealityLoadout, The Incredible HulkConsoles51-200
FinjiOverland, CanabaltPC, Mobile1-10
Fun MachineAwesome EatsMobile, Social1-10
GameSaladGameSalad game creation toolsTools11-50
Ghostfire GamesRage of the GladiatorDownloadable?
GlobalFunKartmania, Catan - The First IslandMobile11-50
Gunfire GamesChronosPC11-50
Heatwave InteractivePlatinum Life, Gods & HeroesWeb, Mobile11-50
Hellfire GamesNovus PrimeDownloadable1-10
KabamCustomer service for Kabam titlesCustomer service11-50
Kalani GamesTiki Gods, Blade MastersMobile, Web?
Kingdom Games?PC, Mobile11-50
KingsIsle Entertainment Ltd.Wizard101, Pirate101PC, Web, Mobile201-500
Lightside GamesStained Glass, Journey of MosesMobile, Social11-50
Midnight Studios?Social11-50
Minicore StudiosLaika Believes, Tanks for the MemoriesMobile, PC, Downloadable1-10
Mock ScienceTiki Towers, Duels WarstormPC, Downloadable?
MontrousSoniverseMobile, Social1-10
Multimedia GamesCasino GamesCasino Games201-500
NCsoftSupport, Customer ServicePC51-200
Night Owl GamesDungeon OverlordSocial1-10
PalestarDark SpacePC?
Pangea SoftwareNucleus, NanosaurMac, Mobile?
Panic ButtonDisney Infinity, Big Time BoxingConsoles, Contract Services11-50
PlaytechtonicsStarport: Galactic EmpiresWeb?
PortalariumUltimate RPG, Port Casino PokerSocial, Web11-50
Red Fly StudioPinata Pinata!, InertiaMobile1-10
Replay GamesCake Mania, Alien StarsMobile, PC11-50
Retro StudiosMetroid, Donkey Kong CountryConsoles51-200
Spacetime StudiosPocket Legends, Star LegendsMobile, PC11-50
Steel Penny GamesTrivia Adventure, Puzzling PawsWeb, Downloadable1-10
Steve Jackson GamesMunchkin, UltracorpsWeb, Mobile11-50
Stoic StudioThe Banner SagaPC, Mobile1-10
Third Wire ProductionsStrike FightersPC?
Tiger StyleWaking Mars, Spider - The Secret of Bryce ManorMobile1-10
Trion WorldsTrion Worlds ToolsPC?
Twisted PixelThe Gunstringer, Splosion ManDownloadable, Consoles11-50
Unity AustinUnity EngineTools?
White Whale GamesGod of BladesMobile, PC1-10
Zynga AustinZynga BingoSocial51-200

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Other organizations:

  • BRI

    Hello friendly necromancer just a quick question, are you guys hiring at all??? Preferably CS. I currently work with I-Energizer on the campaign with ANET (GW2)

  • Friendly Necromancer

    Heya! Our current job availabilities are listed here: https://www.kingsisle.com/jobs — Nothing particular in CS at the moment looks like; however, you may want to look into working with our support partner, Metaverse: http://metaversemodsquad.com/join-the-mods/?gnk=job&gni=8a7884494ed83777014ef49c14b25318

  • BRI

    Awesome thank you!!!!

  • BRI

    Do you guys need more employees?? *hint hint*

  • Blake Burns

    Perhaps in a few months. Right now our team is pretty solid. We may be looking for a senior/principle level programmer early next year.

  • shavonne neal

    are there any games hiring for customer support ? my game support backround comes from xbox360

  • peter
  • peter

    Airship Syndicate!

  • Paul Tozour

    Hi Paul — Could you add Mothership Entertainment? We’re a 4-person indie PC developer in Austin, and our first project will be announced soon.

  • Will Hiles

    I’m in Round Rock. Experienced game writer. If you guys need any help let me know.

  • C38PO1996

    Gunfire Games is building Chronos.

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Thank you – added!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Let me know when it is announced, and I will add you guys to the list!

  • http://www.gamejobhunter.com/ Paul Teall

    Late, but we got them added. Thanks!

  • Paul Tozour

    Hi Paul — it’s already been announced: http://www.stardock.com/about/newsitem.asp?id=458895

  • C38PO1996

    No problem, also Airship Syndicate as well.

  • Teggy Games

    Teggy Games is in Austin. Hunker Down is out now for Mac and PC. Two more games in the hopper for release in late 2016 and early 2018. 1-10 employees

  • Paul Teall

    Removed Bee Cave Games – they have ceased operations. :(

  • Jenni Joseph

    Lightside Games will be having various positions open (Engineers, Project Manager/Producer/Animator/UI design/Designers, etc) in the fall for an upcoming Mobile Game App. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Sterling A Green

    any of these gaming companies in austin, looking for some audio composers for their games? I have original content and am looking to work.

  • Jason Henry

    Berserk Games is in downtown Austin. Less then 10 developers and notable game is Tabletop Simulator on the PC. http://www.berserk-games.com/

  • Brian Rundle

    Anyone need a competent human being with a PhD in behavioral neuroscience?! Shot in the dark!

  • a guy

    Do flash game sites count? If so, Andkon Arcade is based there.

  • a guy

    Bellaire though, not Austin.