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Super Fancy Pants Adventure Screenshot

I want to briefly interrupt your job search to bring you a game recommendation. We don’t typically do this on GameJobHunter, but I’m making an exception here. If you didn’t know this already, we’re located in New Orleans, which is also where Super Fancy Pants Adventure was developed by Brad Borne. I met Brad several years ago at one of the inaugural New Orleans game dev meetups. I think there were maybe 5 of us there that night, and these days the meetups usually attract 30-40 people. It’s been great to watch the community grow, and it’s also been fun to watch this game come along during that time. I’ve played it in many states over the years, and it’s always been a lot of fun. The levels are always high on creativity, and Mr. Fancy Pants is a joy to control.

So go check this one out when it launches on Steam this week on September 20th! Support an indie dev who has built a true labor of love. Check out some of the glorious platforming action in the trailer:

Due Process from Giant Enemy Crab

Giant Enemy Crab is a growing indie startup in Seattle, and they’re working on a tactical SWAT-style shooter called Due Process. They’re looking to fill a couple of key positions on the team, so this could be your chance to get in early with an exciting new team working on a buzzy new title.

Technical Producer

“We’re looking for a full-time Producer to work on our upcoming multiplayer FPS called Due Process. It’s a tactical shooter that heavily focuses on teamwork and coordination. Teams are spawned on procedurally generated levels and are then given time to draw out a plan of attack or defense using SWAT inspired equipment such as breaching charges, flash bang grenades, riot shields, and night vision goggles.”

Multiplayer Cloud Services Administrator/Engineer

  • Your primary responsibilities will include:
  • Analyzing and implementing potential server systems and maintaining their stability during beta and release.
  • Implementing a solution for distribution of small, procedurally-generated maps.
  • Implementing or creating team-based matchmaking system.

See the full posts here:

Giant Enemy Crab Openings

I saw a tweet recently from one of the companies on our LA dev list, Sony Santa Monica, saying that they were in the process of moving to a new studio:

I checked out the links, and was actually really impressed with what they’ve done with their entire site. They’re doing an excellent job at selling potential candidates on their studio. One of the first things you see when you visit the site is a video showcasing the studio itself and potential future co-workers for any job hunters. I don’t know why more studios don’t do this. Most game studios are fun places! I’ve been to 10 (I think) during my career, either on interviews or work-related trips, and even the smaller, scrappier studios had interesting things worth highlighting. Why don’t more of them spend a little bit of time to show off what they’ve got? Instead, it seems many studios are content to make their first impression on a candidate with a block of text and a bullet list of job openings.

Since they are in the process of moving, they also included some excellent details on the buildout process for the new studio: They include lots of pictures, and there’s a nice write-up on the moving experience from their Head of Studio.

It’s clear they put a lot of time and effort into these new recruiting efforts. It’s easy to get a good feel for the culture of the studio by spending some time on their new site. I’m curious to know what other studios you guys have seen that have put together commendable recruiting materials. Have you seen anyone in particular that really stood out at selling their job openings?

 Photo credit:  Sony Santa Monica website

We have a good friend working at Retro Studios in Austin, and he let us know that they are in the process of trying to fill several engineering positions. He is directly involved with trying to fill three Tools Engineer spots, so we’re doing what we can to help spread the word. Here are the links to those three openings:

If you think you’re a fit for any of those roles (or you know anyone who is), they want to hear from you! They’ve also got a few other positions open – check out their job listings page for details.

We’ve also got several other Austin job openings on our site – check them out!


Zynga Opening Orlando Studio

Paul Teall —  September 17, 2013 — 1 Comment

Zynga Orlando is now officially a thing. Ian Cummings is Director of Design at the new location, and has confirmed that the studio is open and hiring. No word yet on what titles they’ll be working on, but they do already have a few open positions listed on the Zynga site:

This is potentially a very interesting development for Orlando. For years, game development in Orlando has primarily meant EA Tiburon (and n-Space, to a lesser extent), but the pieces are in place for a very health scene to flourish. FIEA and Full Sail are both in the area, and several local indie publishers have been springing up over the last few years. Adding another major player like Zynga could push Orlando closer to becoming a major hub for game development.

Zynga Orlando is currently under 10 employees, but we’ll keep an eye on their growth in the coming months. For now, they’ve been added to the Orlando studio list in the 1-10 category. Congrats to Ian and the rest of the new Zynga Orlando crew!

Photo credit:  Lake Eola – Orlando by hao$ on Flickr

City Page Updates

Paul Teall —  May 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

We recently received several tips about changes to some of the game studios on our Video Game City pages.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment with an update!  We also want to thank Jeremy Strauser and Tom Carbone for their help on the Austin and Orlando lists, respectively.  Keep those tips coming – it’s a challenge to keep these lists current, and getting info directly from people in each city is a HUGE help.  Here are the cities that were affected:

  • Austin – added Bee Cave Games
  • Boston – removed Quick Hit
  • Los Angeles – removed THQ
  • Orlando – removed Dot Matrix Interactive, added Iron Galaxy Studios and Phyken Media
  • Toronto – removed Tecmo Koei Canada

Both the City Rankings and Power Rankings pages were updated.  The loss of Quick Hit broke a tie on the City Rankings page, and Vancouver moved ahead of Boston for sole possession of the #6 spot.

Gift Card Giveaway

Paul Teall —  May 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

The last several months have been busy for us. Traffic has been at an all-time high, and we’ve had a steady stream of new jobs and submitted applications. But, we want this to get even bigger. We want more studios to publish their jobs, which we hope will make finding a new job easier for those on the hunt. In order to encourage new studios to publish, we need help from those of you working in the industry. Of course, if you help us, we want to reward you.

We could attempt to contact HR reps at each studio, but, quite frankly, we think it would mean more coming from you. So, we’re offering a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who gets their game studio to publish new jobs. If your HR person asks what’s in it for them, tell them we’re also offering them a $10 gift card for posting. Here are the ground rules:

  • If someone at your studio posts the jobs, they must write us ( to mention the contest and let us know that you referred them.
  • Only 1 gift card (or set of gift cards) per studio. First person to get mentioned in a referral gets the card.
  • Only 1 gift card per person.
  • If the studio has published jobs in the past, we’ll still issue a card if new jobs are published. We’ll just need to hear from the person publishing the jobs that someone acted as a referrer.
  • If a company has multiple studios (EA, Activision, etc.), we’ll offer a card (or set of cards) for each individual studio that posts new ads.
  • We’ll run this offer for 3 weeks or $300 worth of gift cards, whichever comes first.
  • The offer is aimed at employees working at game development studios – if you’ve got a question about whether or not you’re eligible, let us know in advance.
  • We reserve the right to make final decisions on whether or not a gift card is warranted.  All previous rules about posting on our site apply.

Check it out – the LA list is finally done!  This list is a long one.  Of the cities that we’ve done, LA is now #2.  San Francisco is still #1, and Seattle slips to #3.  There are some large gaps on the list where headcount is concerned.  If you can help us fill any of these in, drop us a line or add a comment to the page!

I was glancing at several postings on our site today, and I couldn’t help but notice how many different ads we’ve had go up recently from countries other than the US.  When we first started the site (over 2 years ago), we were contacting companies directly to see if they’d post their ads with us.  We focused almost exclusively on companies within the US, primarily because that seemed like the obvious place for us (US residents) to start.  After about a year, we started to notice more and more companies finding us on their own.   Again, it seemed like it was mostly US studios.  Recently though, it seems like studios from all over the world have been finding us and posting their jobs on our site.  Here are some examples:

It’s been really rewarding to watch the site take off over the past few years, and it’s been especially cool to see it start to find a worldwide audience!

Summer Update

Paul Teall —  July 16, 2010 — Leave a comment

Man.  The site has been busy, but the activity on the blog….not so much.  Apologies, and we’ll do our best to break this unintentional vow of silence.  We’ve had a lot of activity from new companies so far this summer, and I think it’s time I extended a belated welcome to the following companies:

Trion Worlds, Inc. – they’re working on a bunch of MMO properties, and they’re looking for a bunch of people to work on those games!  They’ve got a big selection of job ads for their San Diego and Redwood Shores locations.

Naugty Dog – have I welcomed them before?  I can’t remember.  Even if I have, I think they’ve earned welcomes x2.

Toy Studio Games – these guys are very cool, and they’re working on a variety of social networking games from their new location in Chicago.

2015 - this is our first studio from Oklahoma to post jobs on GJH.  They’ve got several ex-EA vets running the shop, and they’re looking to expand.

If you’re searching for a job, we want to know how it’s been going.  The rash of layoffs seems to have died down (Rockstar San Diego notwithstanding) – it seems things have settled a bit.  Are you finding it easier to land an interview?

We’ll keep trying to get more companies to post their jobs with us.  If you’ve had success scoring an interview or a job from an ad you saw on our site, let us know!  More importantly, let that company know you saw the ad at GJH.  ;)

Happy hunting, everyone.