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VFX Artist – inXile Entertainment

inXile opened a 2nd location in New Orleans in late 2015, and they’ve been steadily growing the studio since then. Want to work on some of their modern takes on classic RPG titles? They’re looking for an experienced Visual Effects Artist to join the team, so this could be your chance.

“Ideal candidate is comfortable working with 3D packages and effects software to create all kinds of VFX (fire, explosions, spells, ambient FX and more), will be able to mockup, create complete Visual effects, and refine them in-engine.”

Learn More:

VFX Artist Job Ad

inXile Entertainment just announced that they will be opening an additional studio in New Orleans. CEO Brian Fargo and President Matthew Findley were on hand to make the announcement at the space that they will soon be calling home. During the announcement, the pair said that the decision happened very quickly, and was based largely on the package that the state of Louisiana was able to offer through its “Digital Interactive Media and Software Development Incentive.”

inXile will continue to maintain a presence at its original Newport Beach location, but will be actively looking to hire for the New Orleans location in the very near future. Findley will be making the move to New Orleans, while Fargo will be staying in Newport Beach.


If you’re looking for a game industry job, and you’re going to be anywhere near Vancouver on April 8th, there is an event you need to attend. Vancouver-based mobile developer A Thinking Ape is helping host the 2nd annual Hiring Happy Hour. 11 studios will be on hand to talk directly to job hunters about their openings, and hopefully do some hiring!

Sonia Ryan works for A Thinking Ape as a Troublemaker (seriously, that’s on her business card), and is helping to organize the event. Sonia said that the idea of the event was hatched last year by A Thinking Ape and Vancouver Social Games after a rash of announcements about industry layoffs. The event was such a success that the organizers decided to turn it into an annual event.

I also asked Sonia to give some advice to people attending the event, and this is what she had to say:

I would encourage all participants to fill out our Hiring Happy Hour Applicant Form.

Get to know a little about the participating companies. What games do they make? What excites you about their games? Practice your pitch about who you are and how you can help each company you are excited about.

Bring your resumes // portfolios!

For more details, check out the flier for the event:

Poster_web (1)

IGDA Summit – Keynotes Announced

Keynote speakers have been announced – anyone attending the Summit this year?

GDC 2013 Career Expo

Paul Teall —  March 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

If you’re looking for a job in games, the GDC Career Expo is one of the best places to connect with potential employers.  Check it out – there are dozens of companies with a booth, and the people working those booths are looking to make hires.  What’s that, you say?  You’re stuck at home for another GDC, and wondering what the action looks like in the Career Expo?  Worry not – we’ve got a team of intrepid reporters on the show floor who have captured and shared photos with us.  Thanks to Tim Borrelli (Lead Animator @ 5TH Cell) and Miguel Molinari (Senior Game Designer @ Arkadium) for the action shots!  If you’re not following Tim and Miguel already on Twitter, click their names and do so now.  These guys are both forces for good in the game industry!  By the way, 5TH Cell and Arkadium are both hiring.  Tell them Tim and Miguel sent you, respectively.

On to the shots…

IMG_20130327_164925 IMG_20130327_165202 IMG_20130327_165233 IMG_20130327_165811




New Companies – 02.15.10

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We’ve had a busy 6 weeks since the holiday break.  Lots of new jobs are popping up, and we’ve had several new game companies start to use our site.  That’s good news if you’re looking for a video game job – people are hiring if you know where to look.  I love the variety of companies that have posted on GameJobHunter, and this batch of new companies is no exception.  Check out their openings, and if you apply, let them know you saw them on GameJobHunter!

  • Say Design – A developer of Flash and web-based games
  • MTV Networks – MTV needs no introduction.  They’ve been branching into the video game world over the last few years.
  • TimeGate Studios – TimeGate has been behind some very innovative FPS titles over the last few years.  I’ve always appreciated their willingness to try new ideas.
  • Snail Games USA – Snail Games is working on bringing Asian MMOs to the US market.  Their first US title is Heroes of Gaia

Melissa Heidrich of PassionFruit Games conducted an interview with GameJobHunter to talk about her experience with being victim to a layoff in the video game industry, and how she and her team have started up their own video game studio.

GJH: What are some of the most important things to start thinking about if you’re laid off? What were the first steps you took?

Melissa Heidrich: I’d say if you’re laid off, the most important thing is to stay positive – instead of viewing the situation as an ending, you have to see it as a new beginning. I’ve been laid off three times now, and each time, it’s opened the door to fresh and exciting new opportunities that weren’t possible with prior companies. It’s a cliché, but a positive attitude really does get you farther in life! When I was called into the conference room to receive the news of my company’s layoff, it was probably a couple of minutes into the big we’re sorry to inform you speech when my mind started racing, thinking of what to do next. I’m not the type to dwell on things. I’d had this idea for a new type of romance-casual game and thought that this could be the perfect opportunity to accomplish that vision. Besides, my team was the best I’d ever worked with, and it would be a shame to split up a group that had such great dynamics and so much talent. The next day, after we all cleaned out our desks, I had the team gather outside the building to hand out NDAs, and PassionFruit Games was born. The fact is, you never know what’s going to happen in life, and keeping a few what if plans in the back of your brain never hurts.

GJH: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered that you didn’t anticipate when starting your own video game studio?

Melissa Heidrich: We’re probably still going to run into a host of challenges that have yet to rear their heads, but the ones we’ve come across so far have mostly been related to legal or financial issues. We had to decide what kind of company to set up given our size, we decided an LLC was best, and we needed to work with a lawyer to help us create a legal agreement between all the members. Forming the agreement was a much more complicated and time-consuming process than any of us had anticipated, mostly because there were so many possible scenarios that had to be covered. By the way, I’ve heard horror stories about other startups that didn’t set up legalities from the start – NOT a good idea! And, all that legal stuff cost a lot more money than anticipated expect to pay a few thousand dollars, which we had to squeeze from our self-funded budget. Another challenge we’ve faced is the problem of self-motivation. We felt like it was a lot of fun going rogue and starting our own studio without the “(wo)man” telling us what to do – but sometimes the temptation to goof off together caused our productivity to plummet. It’s helped that we’ve broken the development cycle into milestones that all culminate in public focus testing – the thought of an outside eye scrutinizing our game adds a lot of pressure to get work done on time!

GJH: What sacrifices if any did the team members have to make when you decided to band together as a new studio? Did it take any convincing of anyone?

Melissa Heidrich: Because we had all gotten along so well, everyone on the team was really excited about the prospect of starting a company together… but there were definitely doubts. I remember in the beginning having to convince people that making a romance game was a great idea with profit potential. The most difficult part is that we’re self-funded, so we’ve all had to sacrifice a lot in terms of our basic standard of living!  Yes, we survive off Costco snacks, mooching food from others, and mastering the art of stuffing 3 meals’ worth of food into a takeout container from an amazing Indian restaurant that offers $5 buffet lunch! And due to financial woes, we’ve actually had a couple sad stories – the worst was when one team member had to give his three-legged cat away because he could no longer afford vet bills. But amazingly, spirits haven’t been too low, since we’re going through all this together, and we have high hopes for the game we’re creating.

GJH: Do you think that the success of the studio will lead to new video game jobs with Passion Fruit Games?

Melissa Heidrich: I will have a much better answer for you in April, when our first game comes out! We’re counting on Tiger Eye to do well in order to continue making games together as a studio. Our goal is to sell enough copies to at least be able to say okay, I can survive on this amount of income – let’s keep going and shoot for more success with our next title. But if our game does better than that and we have extra cash flow – you bet we’ll want to hire additional team members so we can produce future games faster. Regardless of the outcome, I think everyone on the team would agree that the experience we’ve gained over the last six months has been worth it.

You can learn more about PassionFruit Games by visiting their first game, Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box, is now available for pre-order.

Why Make a Lateral Move?

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The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this month about how to get ahead in a time where promotions are hard to come by and new job openings are scarce.

When asked about making a lateral move, EA’s VP of Talent Acquisition, Cindy Nicola, was quoted as saying “you’re still learning and growing,” and “broad-based experience can ultimately position you to move up.”

So, if a move to a new company or a promotion just seem like dreams, consider taking advantage of opportunities to work in other departments or move to a new position internally to get some additional experience. Though this can move you outside of your comfort zone, this experience can be what give you a leg up on the competition.

Read the full WSJ article

Check out some of the jobs EA Mobile and EA’s have posted on