Vancouver Job Fair – Hiring Happy Hour

If you’re looking for a game industry job, and you’re going to be anywhere near Vancouver on April 8th, there is an event you need to attend. Vancouver-based mobile developer A Thinking Ape is helping host the 2nd annual Hiring Happy Hour. 11 studios will be on hand to talk directly to job hunters about their openings, and hopefully do some hiring!

Sonia Ryan works for A Thinking Ape as a Troublemaker (seriously, that’s on her business card), and is helping to organize the event. Sonia said that the idea of the event was hatched last year by A Thinking Ape and Vancouver Social Games after a rash of announcements about industry layoffs. The event was such a success that the organizers decided to turn it into an annual event.

I also asked Sonia to give some advice to people attending the event, and this is what she had to say:

I would encourage all participants to fill out our Hiring Happy Hour Applicant Form.

Get to know a little about the participating companies. What games do they make? What excites you about their games? Practice your pitch about who you are and how you can help each company you are excited about.

Bring your resumes // portfolios!

For more details, check out the flier for the event:

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